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October 31
*Arutz Sheva – “Jordan threatens to
revoke Peace Treaty over Temple Mount”
-Jordanian Minister blames Netanyahu for ‘not keeping promise’ of
discriminatory status quo on Temple Mount, drafts plan against ‘breaches’ …
…. It’ll be interesting to see what
Israel does ….
*Ynet News,com – “Clashes erupt in
East jerusalem, West Bank after Friday prayers, Hamas march”
-Temple Mount opened amid heavy Israeli security presence, as police
brace for ‘Day of Rage’ in already tense Jerusalem …
-Jerusalem rioting could persist for weeks, even months …
*The Jerusalem Post – “UNHRC to
Israel:  Probe Gaza, start working on
settler evacuations”
-Report recommends compensation for Gazan victims and punishment for
human rights violators …
…. In short, the UNHRC (Untied Nations
Human Rights Commission) has NEVER liked Israel and are now telling them to
evacuate the West Bank and pay those who fire rockets into their country on an
almost daily basis! … Israel’s leadership has denounced the UNHRC as a
‘kangaroo court,’ and they are so right! .. As Zechariah 12:2-3 says, ALL the
nations of the earth will oppose Israel in these last days …..
*Business Insider – “Poland is
preparing for a potential Russian invasion”
… The whole ‘eastern front’ is on edge
since Putin invaded Ukraine and took The Crimea — not to mention all the air
space violations of late ….
*The Guardian – “Foreign Jihadists
flocking to Iraq & Syria on ‘unprecedented scale’ – UN”
-UN report suggests decline of Al Qaida has yielded an explosion of
Jihadist enthusiasm for its even mightier successor organizations, chiefly ISIS
-Officials: Dozens of ex-Gitmo prisoners joining ISIS …
*Yahoo Finance – “Stocks set new
…. The ‘foundationless bubble’ continues
to grow! …. and it’s Halloween! … How appropriate …..
*Drudge Report – “Confusion:  WHO orders ‘sneeze’ protection – CDC deletes
-Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse – roommate in Africa developed
virus …
-Pentagon defends troop quarantine …
-Hospitals prep for ‘confusing’ season …
-Nurses plan strikes …
-FEMA conducts pandemic training …
-CDC purchases body bags …
-Studies show airport screenings largely ineffective …
-Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak ‘catastrophic’ – cases ‘under-reported’ …
-Spanish intel intercepts Jihadist plot to ‘weaponize’ Ebola …
*World Net Daily – “Candidate touts
abortion – with grandchild on his knee”
-Feminist author:  ‘Abortion
‘normal part of being a mother’ …
…. Who are these people?! .. Do they not
have even a clue?! ….
November 1
*BBC – “Britain warns of increased
global terror threat”
-Government telling all travelers to be vigilant, no matter where they
go …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Rocket launched
from Gaza lands in Israel, Army confirms”
….. But remember, the UN blames Israel
for everything! … It must be their fault somehow …..
*Yahoo News – “Seattle mega-church
dissolves after founder resigns”
Comment from article:  “Two weeks after lead Mars Hill Church
pastor Mark Driscoll resigned, amid questions about his leadership, the Seattle
mega-church he founded announced it was dissolving its network of branches
across several states.”
… Shirt story is this .. Pastor Driscoll,
was known by church members to be quick-tempered and a user of harsh speech. ..
He was under investigation by church elders for bullying members, threatening
opponents, lying and overseeing mismanagement of church funds. ….
* – “World War 3:  Russia simulated attack on Denmark, could be
preparing European invasion”
…. The real danger is this .. Putin is in
a tough spot .. recession, a declining economy, plunging oil prices …. He may
be forced to do something ….
November 2
*The Times of Israel – “Iran nuclear
talks go into high gear”
…. What’s to talk about? .. Either they
don’t have it, or we create total isolation! 
… They will use a nuke!
*Reuters – “Netanyahu urges lawmakers’
restraint over Jerusalem’s Aqsa Mosque”
Comment from article:  “Daily clashes between Israeli security
forces and Palestinians in the streets of East jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa
compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, have been stoking fears of a new
Palestinian Intifada, or uprising.”
…. Netanyahu is trying yo ‘calm’ the
possible coming storm from Israel’s leadership. .. This is an incredibly tense
situation … one of many of the growing ‘hot spots’ in the epicenter …
*Raw – “6.0 magnitude quake
jolts southeast Pacific”
*Drudge Report – “Voter fraud hits New
   -States ditch electronic machines …
-Internet voting ‘not ready for prime time’ …
-desperate Dems:  Flyer in Alabama
warns of ‘Klansman’ rule if GOP wins …
-New York Times:  70% Republicans
take Senate …
-Washington Post:  94% …
*Fox News – “Shortages, inflation
threaten Venezuelan society”
….. Just the beginning ….
*The Daily Caller – “Obama’s border
policy fueled epidemic, evidence shows”
… Duh! .. The specific disease spoken of
here is EV-D68 Enterovirus, which struck thousands of kids this fall …
*World Net Daily – “Donald Trump:  ‘Never a greater enemy to Israel than
Comment from article:  “The small country of Israel is
surrounded by nations that have called for its destruction, but they pale as a
threat compared to President Obama, according to Donald Trump.”
…. He’s not far from the truth, but the
relationship may be more dangerous to America in the long run … God’s wrath
will not spare those who cross God’s chosen …..
November 3
*Jewish World News – “Holy Shiite! –
Syrian rebels trained by U.S. defect to Al-Qaeda after receiving weapons from
America to fight Assad, ISIS”
….. Anyone surprised? ,, Why would we arm
and train any of them? .. They all hate us! …
*Reuters – World Prepping for War
-China unveils anti-drone laser weapon abel to shoot down ‘small
aircraft’ within 5 seconds …
-Satellite photos reveal North Korea has built its own submarine capable
of carrying ballistic missiles   …
-Russia continues military build-up …
*The Times of Israel – “Arab League
warns of Jerusalem ‘Red Line’ “
-Official alerts Israel to ‘untold consequences’ after perceived
attempts at Jewish takeover of Temple Mount …
-Far Right Israeli MP visits Al-Aqsa compound, defying Netanyahu …
-Jerusalem on edge in row over contested shrine …
-Netanyahu holds secret meeting with Abdullah over Temple Mount …
* – “Churches defy IRS,
endorse candidates, dare agency to sue”
…. Why put themselves in that position in
the first place … My advice? .. avoid worldly agreements …
*reuters – “Maine walloped by record
early snow”
-21 inches …
-135,000 lose power …
-Miami sets record low …
-Kerry warns:  ‘Our planet is
warming’ …
*AOL – “Satanic coloring book under
review in Florida school district”
Comment from article:  “The group leading the charge to get
into schools is the Satanic Temple. . The book features children in traditional
Satanic rituals, along with Pentagram imagery”
…… The fact that they’re even
considering it is amazing! …
November 4
*Daily Mail – “Workers warn Ebola in
Sierra Leone is ‘spreading nine times faster than two months ago”
-Fifth local doctor in Sierra Leone dies …
-U.S. scientists say uncertainties loom about Ebola’s transmission,
other key factors … 
*Tico Times – “Costa Rica’s Turrialba
Volcano shaken by violent eruption”
*Christianity Today – “New poll finds
Evangelicals’ favor heresies”
-Survey finds many American EvangelIcals hold views on the Trinity,
salvation, and other doctrines …
Comment from article: “Most American
Evangelicals hold unorthodox vies condemned as heretical by some of the most
important councils of the early church. .. The survey by Lifeway Research ‘reveals
a significant level of theological ‘confusion.’ “
…. I’m shocked! … but not really …
When we have a host of our leaders ‘selling out’ the doctrine in favor of
popularity and wealth, well ……. ? ..
*World net Daily – “Obama ‘using
federal law to target Christians’ “
-Purpose is to determine against religious organizations that oppose
abortion, contraception …
… Again, I’m shocked! ..  but not really … Once again, another reason
to ‘avoid’ any and all ‘agreements’ with a godless government …..
*The Jerusalem Post – “New EU Foreign
Policy Chief:  ‘I’d like to see a
Palestinian State by the time I leave office”
*The Jerusalem Post – “Nasrallah to
Israel:  ‘You should close all your
ports, our rockets can reach everywhere”
… Nasrallah is Hezbollah’s leader based
in Lebanon. .. Israel knows that his organization to the North is much more
powerful that its counterpart in the South – Hamas ….. Dangerous &
prophetic times! 
*The Jerusalem Post – “Netanyahu:  ‘World is silent as Abbas feeds flames at
Temple Mount”
….. Just part of the increasing isolation
of Israel prophesied in Zechariah 12 …..
*Reuters – “Israel advances plan for
500 settler homes in Tast jerusalem”
…… This will definitely ‘feed the fire’
of dissension over there!
*World Net Daily – “Radio Host:  ‘Osteen isn’t preaching the Gospel, he’s
preaching quicksand’ “
-Repeatedly denies the main focus of the Gospel …
-Consistently ‘water’s down’ & distorts biblical teaching …
-Believes the purpose of human life is to glorify yourself & not God
….. Host Steve Deace went on to say this
… ‘He’s not the pastor America needs, but the pastor we deserve.’
…… After reviewing some of Osteen’s
teachings and positions, I would have to agree with this opinion. … Simply,
‘America’s Pastor’ is an ‘itching ear’ apostate who’s sole interest is to fill
the seats and the collection plates …..
November 5
*Arutz Sheva – Jordan withdraws Ambassador
to Israel over Temple Mount”
-Israel on brink of Third Intifada …
…. The tensions grow! .. 
*World Net Daily – “Ted Cruz rips
Christians who don’t vote”
-‘Is it any wonder we have the government we have today?’ …
…. Sorry Ted, but the biggest reason
America is ‘going down the tubes’ is because God has been asked to leave! …
*The Jerusalem Post – “Russia
test-fires Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from submerged submarine”
-Finland warns Europe ‘at the gates of a new cold war’ …
….. The ‘Bear’ continues to built &
test its military …..
*The Hollywood Reporter – “Broadcast
TV’s new low:  Penis pictures, x-rated
sex acts in prime time as ratings decline”
…. The decadence of our society continues
its descent into the depths of hell ….
*The Los Angeles Times – “Iran holds
nationwide ‘Death to America’ parades”
…. but wait! .. wasn’t it just a couple
of days ago that one of our administration’s spokespersons said that we were
now in a ‘State of Detent’ with Iran? … A totally ‘clueless’ leadership! …
and now we most likely will ‘green-light’ their nuclear ambitions! …
November 6
*The Telegraph – “Israel ‘on brink of
Third Intifada’ after new car attack”
second car attack in jerusalem, coupled with further confrontations at Al-Aqsa
Mosque, have increased tensions & fears ….
*Bloomberg – “Harsh winter outlook
made more dire by Siberia snow”
….. and New England has already seen
record snow already … Maybe all the prognostications of a terrible winter are
accurate ….
*The Washington Free Beacon – “Russia
moving missiles, rockets toward eastern Ukraine border”
-NATO Commander:  ‘Deployment of
Western ‘rotational’ forces needed in Poland, Romania, the Baltics.’
…… Looks like the ‘Cold War’ really is
*Yahoo News – “Russian Ruble falls to
new lows in rapid slide”
…. Russia’s economy is definitely ‘on the
edge’ …. so what will Putin do? …
*The Weekly Standard – “Pentagon:  Military losing technological superiority to
-State-run mocks Obama ahead of visit …
…. Who isn’t, these days! …
* – “Economists:  Financial collapse will cause civil unrest to
erupt in America by 2016”
… At the very least, the next two years
will be very ‘interesting’ …. Shemitah year? .. Blood Moons? …. Hmmmmm
*Money Morning – “CIA Insiders
Warn:  ’25-year Great Depression is about
to strike America’ ”  
*The Wall Street Journal – “Obama
wrote secret letter to Iran’s Khamenei about fighting Islamic State”
-Uses progress in nuke talks as leverage …
-Communication ‘rattles’ Congressional nerves …
-Inside sources:  ‘This f***’s up
everything! …
…… Like I said, the next two years
*World Net Daily – “Sweden cedes
control of Muslim areas”
-‘A more precise name for these zones would be Dar Al-Islam … where
Islam rules’ …
…… So instead of them going under the
guise of ‘multi-culturalism,’ they need to call it what it really is … ‘only
us-culturalism!’ ….. Seems everything they do & touch is shrouded in
deceit ….
Well, that’s it for this week … OK, I’ll
say it again … What a week! …. Sticking out these past several days is
Russia’s continued march to become the #1 world power. … We are witnessing
multiple ”air space’ violations .. missiles & rockets being positioned in
and around Ukraine’s eastern border .. the Arctic military build-up .. eastern
European ‘war games’ and simulations of war .. talk of a new ‘cold war’ and
World War 3 .. and then the economy, which to me is the ‘BIG’ one .. in fact,
it could well be the driving force behind all of their current war-like
rhetoric. … Remember that Putin is a Russian ‘crony’ and was involved with
the KGB during the Soviet Empire years. … Now rising to the top of
leadership, he WILL NOT let his power slip away because of the faltering
economy. .. He WILL do something before that ever happens. … We’ll just have
to watch and see. … Ultimately, his nation will come against Israel and will
be defeated (see Ezekiel 38 & 39) ….. but until then? ……
And then there’s the continued increasing
incompetence of our American leadership. … This secret letter to Khamenei is
just another amazing blunder on the part of Obama! .. It pretty much strips
away any bargaining power the West even thought they might have …
unbelievable! … and now with these current elections behind us, we most
likely will see even more division in our land. … These next two years could
well prove disastrous to an already reeling nation. … Not to mention the
continued increasing moral decline. .. Now even prime-time TV is increasing
their hugely visible impact on the subject! … and what about the stark increase
in satanism? … Now they want to put cartoon characters and coloring books for
kids in the schools which promote their satanic agenda! …. and the real
telling tragedy? … Our schools are considering it! …. Lord we must pray
And finally, the Holy Land is simply on
fire! … Jerusalem’s Temple Mount area is seeing increasing unrest by the
hour! .. Hezbollah to the north in Lebanon is once again rattling its sword at
her … Jordan is close to withdrawing its Treaty … Iran is close to
achieving nuclear weapons success .. the UN & EU are pressuring her to
‘give in’ to the Palestinian demands, which are demands that will only doom
her! … and of course, America’s abandonment is reaching new levels as we
speak …….. Bottom line? … The prophecy spoken of by Zechariah, chapter
12, verses 2 & 3 is becoming reality right before our very eyes! …
Basically, it says that Israel would be surrounded by ALL nations in the final
hours. … Well? ….. The rest of the story of course, is that she will
survive and will sign a ‘peace treaty’ with the soon-coming world leader. ..
The way things are shaping up, that can’t be too far off in the future! ….
OK, I’ll spare you the rest since you can
read as well. … But hey, I just can’t help myself! … This stuff is so
exciting to watch from a biblical perspective … it is absolutely amazing to
watch Bible Prophecy unfolding right before our very eyes! … It just means
He, Jesus Christ, is coming soon! … Hallelujah !!!
Praying constantly for each of you, and
will be back at you in just a couple days … Lord willing …
Until next time,

November 4, 2014
In his book, the prophet Daniel said this
in chapter 12, verses 8 & 9 … “I heard, but I did not
understand.  So I asked, ‘My Lord, what
will the outcome of all this be?’  9) He
replied,  ‘Go your way, Daniel, because
the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.’ “
This week I wanted to talk about all the
prophetic end-time signs that are currently inundating us from all directions.
.. Every category of biblical prophecy is exploding before our very eyes! …
Simply, it is amazing when one compares the written Word with what is taking
place in our world right now. … Having considered all this, and because so
much is going on, I’ve decided to spread this teaching out over a 6-part
series. .. The topics will include:
*Israel …
*The Signs of nature …
*The Signs of Society …
*The Spiritual Signs …
*The Signs of World Politics …
Signs of Technology …
My goal is to lay out each subject clearly
from a biblical perspective and to also give you as much scriptural
documentation as possible so that you will have a clear understanding of just
how absolutely true the Bible’s teachings are. … In addition, I hope it will
provide you with ‘ammunition’ to share with others as to why all this craziness
is taking place. … If it strengthens your faith, or gives those on the fence
even a glimmer of interest, then it will be worth every moment spent in
preparation. …. So her we go …..
*Israel …..
Looking back to about one hundred years
ago, there was not one single, measurable sign that indicated we were living in
the final days leading up to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
.. But then, in 1917, we saw the Balfour Declaration which was issued by the
British government. .. The Turkish territories, called the Ottoman Empire,
contained the ancient homeland of the jewish people – an area the Romans had
named Palestine after the last Jewish revolt in 132-135 AD.
In 1917, Palestine included all of modern
Israel and Jordan. .. In the plan the Allies put together for dividing up the
German & Turkish territories after their defeat, Britain was alloted
Palestine, and this is what prompted the Balfour Declaration. .. In that
document, Lord Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, declared that it was the
intention of the British government to establish in Palestine a national home
for the Jewish people.
Now, the leading Evangelical in England at
the time was F.B. Meyer. .. He immediately recognized the prophetic
significance of this Declaration, for he was well aware that the scriptures
prophesy that the Jewish people will be regathered to their homeland in
unbelief right before the return of the Messiah. (see Isaiah 11:11-12)
…Simply, there is no doubt that these events in 1917 marked the beginning of
the end times because they led to the worldwide regathering of the Jewish
people to their homeland and the re-establishment of their state.
Moving forward, Let’s remember that any and
all signs that relate to Israel are the most important of all because the Jews
are God’s ‘prophetic time clock.’ … What is meant by this is that Scriptures
often tie a prophesied future event with something that will happen with the
Jews, and when the prophesied event concerning them occurs, we can be sure that
the other prophesied events will also occur. 
… An example can be found in Luke 21:24 where Jesus prophesied that
the Jews would be dispersed from Jerusalem and be led captive among the
nations. .. But then He added that one day they would return to re-occupy
Jerusalem, and when this happens, the end time events will occur that will lead
to His return. … (Other possible examples to pay attention to are events that
involve jewish holidays … events such as ‘The Shemitah’ and ‘The Blood
There are many prophecies concerning the
Jews in the end times, many of which began to be fulfilled in the last century.
… Let’s now focus on four of them:
*The 1st was the worldwide regathering in unbelief (Isaiah 11:11-12 –
which we already discussed briefly) … At about the time of the Balfour
Declaration, there were only about 40,000 Jews in Palestine. .. By the end of
World War Two, that number had risen to 800,000. .. Today, there are some six
million who have come from all over the world. .. The prophet Jeremiah says
twice that when history is completed, the Jewish people will look back and
conclude that their worldwide regathering was a greater miracle than their
deliverance from Egyptian captivity (Jeremiah 16:14-15 & 23:7-8) …..We are
truly living in momentous times!
*The 2nd key prophecy concerning the Jews is a natural consequence of
their regathering. .. It is the re-establishment of their state which occurred
on May 14th, 1948 (Isaiah 66:7-8) …
*The 3rd key prophecy is the re-occupation of Jerusalem which took place
on June 7, 1967 during the miraculous Six-Day War (Zechariah 8:4-8) …
*The 4th key prophecy is the one whose fulfillment we are witnessing
today – the re-focusing of world politics upon the nation of Israel (Zechariah
12:2-3). … All the nations of the world, which now includes the United
States, are coming against Israel over the issue of the nation’s capital – the
City of Jerusalem. … The Vatican wants the city put under its control. .. The
United Nations wants it to be internationalized. .. The European Union is
demanding it be divided between the Arabs and the Jews. .. The Arabs want it
all! …
The bottom line is this … Today, most
every nation on this planet hates the Jews! … The United Nations Human
Relations Commission says they are the worst violators of human rights of all,
while disregarding the likes of The Sudan, Iran, North Korea … to name just a
few! … As the prophet Zechariah stated some 2600+ years ago, in the last days
they will be hated, isolated, and surrounded by all who’s sole desire is to
destroy them!
Here’s just a brief list of some other
Scriptures as they relate to Israel in these times:
*Romans 9:27 – The revival of messianic Judaism …
*Ezekiel 36:34-35 – Reclamation of the land of Israel …
*Zechariah 12:6 – Resurgence of the Israeli military …
*Ezekiel 38-39 – Russian coalition threat to Israel …
*Ezekiel 35-36 – Arab threat to Israel
That’s enough for now … By the length of
just this one subject, you can see why I must break it into other parts.
Next week, I will share with you the Sign
of Nature, probably the most ‘scoffed at’ by the ‘scoffers’ … but after we
look, I think even the doubters will take a pause to at least think! …
Love you all .. and know that I am praying
for each of you, and God knows exactly who each of you are, and what your needs
are. … I know I say this each week, but I CANNOT emphasize how important it
is to pray for each other in these rapidly declining days of darkness. .. This
is where we will realize the strength we will need to fend off the powers of
darkness. … Please pray for me as well. … Lord knows I need every one of
… May God richly bless you this day! …
Until next time,

Before we get started tonight, I want to
make a correction to a New YorK Times story printed in last week’s headlines ..
October 18th to be exact. … It stated this … “Mega-Pastor signals
shift on ‘Gay’ Marriage” … The implication from the story was that Brian
Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong in Australia was changing his position on
‘Gay’ Marriage. … It turns out that this is absolutely not true! … What he
said was that it is difficult to stay relevant in this ever-changing world. ..
Sadly, the Times thought that meant he was changing … When I found out the
truth, I was extremely happy because I’ve been a big fan of their music as well
as some of their other work. .. In fact, as a worship leader, I play many of
their songs.  … Bottom line? .. Pastor
Brian is NOT changing his position and stands by the teachings of Paul. … Praise
the Lord. .. If my printing this article mislead anyone, you have my deepest
apologies. … Usually The New York Times has been a reliable source of news
… not so this time …  OK, let’s get
started …..
October 24
*American Family Association – “Top
anti-Christian bigotry stories of the week”
-Lesbian Mayor subpoenas sermon notes from Houston pastors …
-City threatens to arrest ministers for refusing to marry ‘gays’ …
-Two more Christian business owners face fines, mandatory ‘gay’
brain-washing …
-School told to remove painting of praying children or face legal action
…… And we wonder why our country is
going ‘down the proverbial drain?’…..
*The New York Times – “Ebola strikes
America’s largest city – New York doctor tests positive for virus”
-Took subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn night before …
….. More Ebola news …
-Biblically grim:  Yale team
foresees 90,000 deaths in one Liberian county alone by December 15th …
-Mali reports 1st case – deadly virus spreads to 6th African country …
*Reuters – “Utah Supreme Court clears
way for adoption by partners of same-sex spouses”
*The Washington Free Beacon – “Top
Iranian official:  Obama is ‘the weakest
of U.S. presidents”
-Described his tenure in office as ‘humiliating’ …
*The Washington Times – “U.S., allies
scramble jets almost daily to repel Russian incursions”
….. We’re talking Alaska .. Japan ..
Estonia .. Poland .. Finland .. Sweden …. The list keeps growing daily ..
They are flexing their muscles more &
more as America becomes less & less ….
*The Associated Press – “One person
killed in high school shooting near Seattle”
… Another oner! …. signs of the times
*The Independent – “Extreme Haunted
-Patrons bound, gagged, drenched in blood …
-8-hour nightmare …
-Waiting list tops 24,000 …
… Just another snap-shot of just how far
we have fallen … 
*Drudge Report – A Day of Civil Chaos
-School shooting near Seattle …
-Hatchet attack on cops in New York City …
officers shot in Sacramento …
-Ferguson on edge:  Missouri
Police stock up on riot gear …
-Los Angeles:  Man stabbed to
death over parking space … 
…. and that’s just today! …
*Yahoo News – “White House snubs
Israeli Defense Chief”
…. Guess they’re still ‘miffed’ at
Netanyahu …. More signs of our nation’s abandoning God’s chosen people …not
a good thing! …
*France 24 – French unemployment hits new
record high – Economy continues slide”
*Fox News – “Anti-Israel restaurant receives
funding from John Kerry’s wife’s foundation”
…. And he’s our Secretary of State! …
Guess the rumors of his ‘anti-Semetic’ history are true …
October 25
*Reuters – “Japan warns of increased
activity at volcano near nuclear plant”
…. It was insanity to even build any
nuclear sites in a place like Japan ,,,, it is one of the most seismic unstable
areas in the world! …
*Ynet – “Israeli Finance
Minister Lapid says U.S.-Israeli relations in ‘crisis’ “
… What do you expect when an anti-Semite
U.S. Secretary of State oversees the relationship! … John Kerry has never
liked Israel, and Obama defends Muslims! … Big surprise the relationship is
in trouble …
*The Blog – “Fox News & Bill
O’Reilly keep having pastor who says Obama is ‘paving the way for the future
reign of the anti-christ’ as guest”
…. He’s a Baptist pastor out of Dallas
and his name is Robert Jeffress. .. He claims that Obama ‘is not’ the
anti-christ but is choosing to lead our nation into a ‘condition’ of acceptance.
… His other comments that have had a notable impact are these:
-In 2007, he called Mormonism a cult … (He’s right) ..
-In 2012, he said Mitt Romney, who then claimed to be a Christian, was
not because he’s a Mormon … 
(He’s right) ..
-On October 24th of this year, he said that Islam is a false religion
… (He’s right) ..
*The Washington Examiner – “Dems on
FEC move to regulate internet campaigns, blogs, Drudge”
-Republican FEC Chairman:  ‘I told
you this was coming’ …
…. An evolving police state happening
right before our very eyes! … Maybe they should team up with the Houston
Mayor …
*Zero Hedge – “Banker suicides
accelerate once again”
…. We saw a rash of these last year, then
a brief period of quiet. … But now, they’re back with a vengeance! … They
know much more about the true state of the world economy than any of us
‘regular’ folks … and it seems to more than they can bear…. It’s sad to me
because they’ve placed their hope in all the wrong places …..
*World Net daily – “Franklin
Graham:  ‘Obama clueless on Islam’ “
…. Ya think?! … I just wonder
October 26
*Discovery – “Powerful X-class solar
flares hit Earth, cause radio black-outs – largest sunspot seen in 24
* – “Massachusetts father mad
because public school teaches ‘there is no god but Allah’ “
….. The school is in the Boston suburb.
.. He says they don’t understand fractions and pronouns but are learning about
Islam. …. Why am I not surprised? ….
*Arutz Sheva – “Jerusalem is
simmering:  1,000 additional forces sent
to capital”
*Newsmax – “Putin accuses U.S. of
blackmail, warns world order may collapse”
Comment from article:  “Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. of
behaving like ‘big brother’ and blackmailing world leaders, warning there was
no guarantee for global security in one of his sharpest-ever swipes at Russia’s
Soviet-era adversary.”
*Canada Free Press – ” ‘No Gay civil
rights, we are ready to go to jail,’ say Michigan pastors at capital press
Comment from article:  “Hundreds of Michigan pastors and
Christian leaders gathered on the steps of the state capital in Lansing, to
hold a press conference in opposition to the growing movement within the
Michigan Legislature to amend the state’s Civil Rights Act to include sexual
orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.”
… Good for them! .. Even though the
nation appears to be heading in the wrong direction, there is at least a few
who are willing to stand for Biblical truth. ….
*Canada Free Press – “Common Core
& Agenda 21”
…. So what is this? … We know that
‘Common Core’ is the recent nationalized public education program which
includes much of the socialist agenda espoused by our current administrative
leadership … but what is this ‘Agenda 21?’… It’s an addition to the ‘Common
Core’ curriculum that promotes ‘globalism’ … Sound familiar? … The perfect
structural foundation for the coming world government! ….
*Charisma News – “Pastors of Houston,
shout it from the rooftops this Sunday!”
Comment from article:  “I urge every pastor in the City of
Houston to address the issues of homosexuality and transgenderism this Sunday,
announcing this for the entire world to hear but at the same time, refusing to
obey the unrighteous decree of Mayor Parker’s office to turn your sermons over
for government scrutiny.”
…. So says the Houston Pastor’s
Association … and do it respectfully, in the spirit of Acts 4:19-20 &
5:28-29 ….
*Charisma News – “15 ‘Signs of the
Times’ indicating judgement”
Divorce – Increased from 4% to 51% in 1 generation …
Cohabitation – 65% of ‘alter-bound’ singles live together …
   3) Abortion – 57 Million and counting …
Marijuana – Being legalized in several states …
Euthanasia & Infanticide – “Being legalize under ‘disguised’ names
Pornography – Rampant, graphic, and just one click away …
Homosexuality, Lesbian, Transgender lifestyles – Promoted by our president
along with gay marriage 
& homosexual ordinations …
Movies & Music – Graphic nudity, profanity and blasphemy common-place …
Out-of-Wedlock Births – More than 50%: 
1st time in history …
Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Over 110 Million Americans infected …
Economic Insanity – $18 Trillion national debt, millions unemployed getting
benefits, $60 Billion in
Medicare fraud & waste, and so much more …
Illegal Immigration – Over 11 Million & politicians pushing ‘open borders’
& amnesty …
Corrupt Political Leaders – Deception & incompetence abounds at all levels
Radical islam & Terrorism – Exploding everywhere including America …
Should we add illiteracy .. crime .. catastrophic fatherlessness .. human
trafficking .. adultery ..
profane comedians .. an ignorant & low-information populace ..
ongoing erosion & religious freedoms .. and secularism?
….. The ‘Laodicean effect’ is now
securely in place …. rich, lazy, & dead!
*Yahoo News – “Fifth of Eurozone banks
fail ‘health’ check”
-Italy fares worst …
October 27
*SF Gate – “Hawaii Volcano’s advancing
river of lava prompts evacuation concerns”
*Ynet – “No hope for
Israeli-Palestinian peace”
-Experienced American diplomat says hostility between Israelis &
Palestinians has reached new levels and gaps are deeper than ever …
…. Peace will only come to Israel when
the coming world leader comes. and then negotiates a 7-year peace treaty with
Israel … but … it will last only 42 months! … Coming soon to a nation
near you!
*The New York Times – “New law lets
IRS seize accounts on suspicion, no crime required”
…. big brother just keeps growing! …
*Breitbart – “Atheist group to
distribute pamphlets in schools of cartoon Bible sexually assaulting
… The group is ‘Freedom From Religion
Foundation’ .. The pamphlet is titled “An X-rated Book: Sex and Obscenity
in the Bible” …..
*Peru This Week – “6.0 Earthquake
rattles Ucayali region of Peru”
October 28
*Huffington Post – “USA Today’s Susan
Page says Obama Administration most ‘dangerous’ to press in U.S. history”
-Yet another journalist has come out against the seemingly unprecedented
secrecy of the Obama Administration …
*Christian Post – “ERLC Conference
discussion on ‘The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage’ draws
plenty of fireworks”
Comment from article:  “First of all, the ‘gay’ community is
never going to find the evangelical response satisfactory because we’re not
going to accept their behavior. .. But I think the first day of the conference
did a good job of putting this in the context that same-sex attraction and
behavior is but one of the many aspects of the fall of mankind.”
…. The ERLC stands for ‘Ethics &
Religious Liberty Commission’ of the Southern Baptist convention. … The
comments came from their president, Dr. Richard Lamb …..
* – “Netanyahu rebuffs U.S.
criticism of Jerusalem construction as ‘disconnected from reality’ “
… The relationship continues to
deteriorate … and as for ‘out-of-touch with reality,’ it seems to be the case
in most all issues with this current administration ….
*Space – “Another strong
X-flare & radio blackout”
…. This one hit mostly in South America
& West Africa … and this monster sunspot continues to grow! …
*The Jakarta – “6.1 quake
strikes near Samoa”
October 29
*Joel Rosenberg – “Train Wreck in
U.S.-israel relations:  Senior Obama
official calls Netanyahu vulgar name, signaling ‘red hot’ hostility between two
…… Let’s see … First, we throw God
out of our society … and now we are ‘abandoning’ God’s chosen people! …
Think just maybe judgement is coming our way?…
*The New York Post – “CDC admits
droplets from a sneeze could spread Ebola”
-Tests reveal Ebola can survive on some surfaces for up to 2 months …
*Global News/Canada – “Winnipeg
experiencing worst Syphilis outbreak in city’s history – 110 Million Americans
have STDs”
*Inquisitr – “Israel to help
California combat worst drought in history following losses of $2.2
Comment from article:  “The Israelis know a thing or two when
it comes to managing dry arid lands, and making them flourish, even when the
rains ‘don’t fall’ in their time.”
… This is an amazing story! .. it sounds
so Biblical in that the Israelis made the ‘desert bloom’ … Could this be why
the Arab & Russian coalition of ezekiel 38-39 come against Israel in the
final days? …. Whomever controls the food ……………
*The Jerusalem Post – “U.S.-Iran ties
‘move into State of Detente,’ officials tell Wall Street Journal”
Comment from article:  “As tensions with Israel escalate over
its policies on the Palestinian front, the U.S. appears to be growing closer to
its longstanding rival Iran.”
-Fed up, U.S. warns:  ‘Deeply
concerned about Israel’s future …
-Netanyahu:  ‘I’m being attacked
because of my determination to defend Israel’s interests’ …  
…. This administration never ceases to
amaze me! … This, if true, is probably the most dangerous of all their
blunders …. If they get the ‘bomb,’ watch out!
*The College Fix – “Shock Report:  College students increasingly support
‘post-birth’ abortion”
… Post-birth abortion?! .. Doesn’t that
mean killing the baby AFTER it is born! … How do these people live with
*Breitbart – “Hagel:  ‘I think we are seeing a New World Order’
…. Chuck Hagel. the U.S. Secretary of
Defense, said this at the Aspen Institute’s ‘Washington Ideas Forum’ … Wow! …
Talk about end-time implicAtions!  ….
*Zero Hedge – “As Fed pauses printing,
total world debt tops $100 Trillion”
… You think how many zeros that is?! …
There is no way the world can EVER overcome this kind of monumental debt. ..
It’s just a matter of time before the ‘collector’ shows up ….
*Fox Business – “Fed to end massive
bond-buying program”
…. It’s called ‘Quantitive Easing’ .. a
fancy term for the printing of worthless money. … So now what happens? .. The
debt hasn’t gone away … Guess we’ll see soon enough …
*Fox News – “Houston Mayor drops bid
to subpoena pastor’s sermons”
….. I wonder if receiving an estimated
1,000 Bibles had anything to do with it?
October 30
*Right Side News – “The Pope’s embrace
of Evolution brings us one step closer to a one-world religion”
Comment from article:  “If you wanted to create a religion that
almost everyone would love, how would you do it? .. Earlier this year, Pope
Francis took the unprecedented step of authorizing ‘Islamic prayers &
readings from the Quran’ at the Vatican for the first time ever. .. This Pope
seems to have a sixth sense for making the right public relations moves, and he
appears to be destined to become one of the most-loved Popes ever.”
…. Could it be that St. Malachy’s 12th
century prophecy which said this Pope would be the last is true? ..
Again, guess we’ll know soon enough …..
*Arutz Sheva – “Abbas says closing of
Temple Mount by the Jews is ‘an Act of War’ “
-Temple rebuilding activist shot in Jerusalem …
…… It’s heating up quickly in the Holy
land! ….
*The Jerusalem Post – “Threat from
north many times greater than Gaza, outgoing Northern Commander says”
…. He’s talking about Hezbollah, which is
much more powerful than Hamas ….
*Drudge Report – Voter Fraud Increasing
-Illinois under heavy scrutiny …
-Carolina vote fraud exposed …
-Voters sue Maryland over ‘massive’ fraud by illegals …
-Colorado:  All mail-in ballots
& no ID required …
-La Raza promotes guide on voting without ID …
*World Net Daily – “Apple CEO:  ‘Being gay is gift from God’ “
-Coca-Cola’s anti-religious positions …
…. Seems many of America’s businesses are
supporting these Biblically sinful lifestyles … Looks like it’s becoming ‘the
norm’ in our society. …… Just like Sodom & Gommorah before judgement
fell … or in Noah’s day .. the flood …..
What did we see this week that stands out?
.. First of all, Russia is really stepping up their ‘game.’ … But I don’t
think Mr. Putin has much choice. .. His economy is on its face .. his biggest
export (oil) prices are on the decline .. sanctions from the West are
pressuring their markets … Simply, he needs to ‘stir the pot’ so as to keep
his people distracted … this makes him extremely dangerous because he has
everything to lose if his people wake up. …
Then their is the extreme drought
conditions, which are rapidly increasing in size and intensity in many
locations around the world. .. Sadly, this is now leading to increasing hunger
for a lot of people. … and what about civil chaos! … One day last week, we
saw a school shooting, a hatchet attack on police officers in New York City,
three officers shot in Sacramento ….this was just ONE DAY!
But the stories this week that grabbed my
attention the most is the complete meltdown of the U.S.-Israeli
relations. … and it’s not a slow melt …
It is happening at break-neck speed! … I mean even the people in our
government are calling Israel’s Prime Minister vulgar names! … Predictably,
Netanyahu is not backing down one iota. … It is a known fact that he and
Obama detest one another, and this will only exacerbate the entire situation
….. But what most people don’t understand is the ultimate implications this
has for our nation. … Besides throwing God out of our society, now we are
turning our back on Israel .. God’s chosen people! … If you look back into
the Old Testament history, what has happened to any nation that has come
against Israel? … Utter destruction! … We know for a fact that most every
nation on Earth hates the Jews, but America was its one ally they could count
on. .. In fact, I believe much of America’s blessing has come from our
supporting and watching over God’s chosen people these past several decades.
… But now, it all seems to be changing. … Unless there is a sudden change,
it will not turn out well for us in the end.
OK … I’m outta here for another week. …
Keep up the good fight, and if things seem to be getting darker and darker by
the day .. well .. they are! … But that only indicates the closeness of the
return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah! …. Love you all
and am praying for each of you constantly, and God knows exactly who you are!
Until next time,
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