November 14
*Voltair Network – “What frightened
the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?”‘
… Short story … The USS Cook is a U.S.
navy 4th-generation Destroyer which is equipped with the latest missile
technology. .. While on a mission, it entered the Black Sea near the Russian
territorial waters. .. It was then ‘flown over’ by a Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter
jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles, but only an electronic warfare
device. .. What happened next so shocked the crew members that many now wish to
leave the military ASAP. .. So what happened? .. The Russian jet virtually shut
down the entire systems on the latest U.S. technology aboard the ship, which
left it virtually ‘deaf & blind’ … the result being so totally
demoralizing that they ‘want out’ …… kind of scary, huh?
*Business Insider – “Russia is
threatening France with ‘grave consequences’ if it does not deliver war
… Supposedly, Russia ordered two
helicopter carriers in 2011 and now France is ‘dragging its feet’ …
-Arrives at G20 Summit with warships …
…. The ‘Bear’ is growling loudly as of
late …

* – “Coldest November
in decades infiltrates Wyoming to Texas from the North Pole”
-Storm dumps more than 4 feet of snow on Wisconsin town …
-Michigan town receives one month’s snow .. in one day!
*Reuters – “Germany warns
anti-Semitism rising on back of Middle East violence”
…. German leadership is very sensitive to
these types of issues because of their recent history of WW2 …
*Reuters – “Same-sex couples plan mass
wedding in Kansas on Monday”
….. ‘Mass’ represents more than a dozen
couples in this case … Kansas recently ‘succumbed’ to this direct violation
of God’s laws … Just one step closer to the coming wrath ….
*Fox News – “Financial Crisis:  State budgets ‘fudge’ numbers to hide massive
…. The report showed that many states are
doing this, with Illinois being the worst of the bunch …
*Joel Rosenberg – “As Radicals try to
blow up Israel-Jordan relations and ignite ‘3rd Intifada,’ Netanyahu heads to
Amman for emergency talks”
….. He doesn’t seem to have any other
options at this point … at least he’s trying to find an equitable solution
*World Net Daily – “Court upholds
Obamacare birth-control mandate”
-Appeals panel rejects religious objection by Catholic charities ….
News – “ISIS Marching On”
-Beheading, stoning and crucifying Syrian residents, says UN …
-Denying food, medicine to hundreds of thousands …
November 15
*The Associated Press – “Alaska’s most
active volcano – Pavlof – starts erupting”
*Reuters – 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes
off Indonesia’s Moluccan Coast – Tsunami warning issued”
*Ynet – “Dortmund, Germany
Neo-Nazi Party asks for list of city’s Jews”
Comment from article – “A Neo-Nazi
Party from the City of Dortmund has reportedly demanded the city’s mayor give
them a list of all city’s Jews, in an event eerily reminiscent of darker days
in Germany’s past.”
*Arutz Sheva – “British Parliament
votes to recognize ‘Palestine’ “
…. More & more members of the EU are
doing this …. The fear of Euro Jews is that this will only ‘fuel’
anti-Semitism … and they are most likely right about this ….
*Canada Free Press – “Allah praised on
House floor”
Comment from article:  “The U.S. House of Representatives
allowed an Imam to praise Allah on the floor of the House and give the opening
prayer on November 13.”
…. Just a couple of days ago it was The
National Cathedral! …. Seems to be getting more prevalent by the day …
*The New York Times – “Feds
significantly expand undercover operations”
-40 different agencies …
-Officers posing as students, business people, doctors, ministers …
*Joel Rosenberg – “On the eve of
November 24 deadline for nuclear negotiations, Khamenei calls for ‘elimination’
of Israel”
…… This should make it simple! … Call
the talks off and shut them down economically …. It is obvious what their
intentions are for their nuclear development … build ‘the bomb’ and drop it
on Israel! …..  
November 16
*International Business Times –
“Nuclear War:  Russia shocks U.S.
with Tactical Weapons Advantage Report”
Comment from article:  “Russia is in possession of strategic
nuclear weapons far more advanced than the U.S., and will continue to be with
its new generation of missiles, according to a comprehensive report from
Pravda. … If WW3 erupts, Russian Vladimir Putin will win hands down, the
report suggests.”
*The New York Times – “Ferguson Grand
Jury decision expected in coming week”
-Police nationwide brace for unrest …
…… ‘Signs of the the times ….
*Drudge Report – “World Economy
continues slide”
-China to begin tax-cutting spree to spur business growth …
-Japan enters ‘Triple-Dip’ Recession …
-Russian Ruble in real peril …
…. But wait! .. Isn’t DC telling us all
it’s getting better out there?!…. Bah Humbug! …
*Reuters – “ISIS beheads 5th Western
hostage … 3rd American….
-Holds 26-year-old America woman …
-Video:  ‘We will slaughter your
people in your streets’ …
November 17
*The Daily Mail – “From Vlad to
worse:  He was snubbed at the airport,
made to sit alone at dinner, shunted to the edge of the ‘Family Photo’ and
condemned by world leaders – It’s no wonder Russian president Putin left the
G20 Summit Meeting early”
*F.World – “Powerful 6.7 quake off the
New Zealand coast – no Tsunami threat”
*EU Observer – “Eurozone facing
unprecedented triple-digit recession, warns UK’s Cameron”
… Late last week, it was Japan entering
severe triple-dip recession …… Who’s next? …
*Christian Science Monitor – “Jewish
israeli stabbed as tensions mount in Jerusalem”
*CBS Miami – “Report:  Marlins sign 25-year-old slugger to largest
contrsact on pro-sports history – $325 Million!”
…… I mention this only to show how the
world’s priorities are so misplaced and distorted …. while over 1 Billion
people go to bed hungry each night, someone is getting paid this absurd amount
of money just because he can hit a round object with a stick?! …. Another
sign of a sick & dying world ….
*Drudge Report – Feds Raid NFL
-Ex-49ers player – ‘Locker rooms out of control’ …
-Lawyer:  Drugs dispersed ‘like
candy at Halloween’ …
….. Anything to win! …. I rest my case
*SF Gate – “Drought:  California children bathing once a week,
sharing same tub of water”
-Californians trying to adapt to ‘drier’ way of life …
*Drudge Report – Ferguson Update
-Missouri Governor declares ‘State of Emergency’ …
-Readies National Guard …
-Demonstrators mob courthouse …
-Report:  Homeland Security moves
in …
-Police nationwide brace for civil unrest …
-Protest group releases ‘List of targets’ …
-Obama ‘secret’ November 5 visit – Tells protesters to ‘stay the course’
November 18
*Charisma News – “IRS agents can pose
as clergy to spy on churches”
… I will repeast my warning to the church
… get out of any ‘agreement’ you may have with this ‘godless’ government ..
(tax-exemption, etc) …
*The Blaze – “Ferguson-area cop’s
ominous warning on what’s coming:  ‘I’m
serious, get a gun’ “
….. Signs of Society … Pestilence
abounds! …
*Drudge Report – “War:  4 killed in Jerusalem Synagogue attack”
-Palestinians celebrate ‘lone wolf’ attacks …
-‘This is a religious war’ …
-Bibi: ‘We will respond harshly’ …
-Gun controls eased in Israel for self-defense …
*RT Live – “Global Terrorism on
rise:  5-fold increase in terror-related
deaths since 2000”
-Netanyahu:  Palestinian murders
and incitement being ignored by world …
-Terror attacks & deaths rose sharply in 2013 …
*Canada Free Press – “Red Cross
volunteer sacked for Gay Marriage opposition”
…. Like the United Way and many other
national charities, they support a varying array of projects .. but sadly, many
of those projects go directly against the teachings of the Bible … Be careful
and do your research …
*Reuters – “Vatican:  End of Communism not all good”
… Have you ever seen more efforts by ANY
church organization tyo appease the entire world’s agenda? … Now they add
communism to tje growing list of other stuff like homosexuality, Islam and
other world religions …. and their motive is obvious to those of us who ‘know’
… they are laying the foundation for the soon-coming world church – the
‘Harlot’ of Revelation 17! …..
November 19
*World Net Daily – “Allah ‘the most
gracious, the most merciful’ praised on the U.S. House floor”
-Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei tweets 9-point plan to annihilate Israel …
…. Wait! .. Isn’t his god Allah? .. and
what about ISIS beheading & crucifying Christians! .. isn’t their god
Allah? ..
Gracious? .. Merciful? .. You decide …..
*Ynet – “Violence in East
Jerusalem:  ‘Intifada starts today,’
Palestinian kids say”
-Over 120 children & youths rioted in East Jerusalem after Israel
moves to demolish home of terrorist behind vehicle attack:  Kids as young as 10 shout, ‘We’ll fight till the
end’ …
*The Telegraph – “Vladimir Putin vows
that U.S. ‘will never subjugate Russia’ “
-Russian President echoes Al Capone as he says,  ‘Weapons * politeness’ are better than
‘politeness alone’ …
….. The ‘bear’ continues to stalk the
world …
*CNS News – “Billy Graham:  In our ‘lawless and wicked age – we’ve taught
the philosophy of the devil – do as you please’ “
… It’s called ‘humanism’ … and once
again, Rev. Billy is right on! …
*Drudge Report – “Obama announces
action on immigration”
-Night before:  Dines with Dems
only – Repubs ‘slap in face’ …
-Sessions:  ‘Emperor’ …
-DHS:  Brace for new surge …
-Bachmann:  ‘Throwing nation into
crisis’ …
-Sheriffs against Amnesty to march on Washington – December 10 …
-Texas plans lawsuit …
-Cruz:  Obama not Monarch …
-Coburn warning:  ‘You’re going to
see anarchy – violence in the streets’ …
-Schafley:  Modern-day ‘Fort
Sumpter’ …
-Sheriffs: Destruction of democracy …
…… I show this only to reveal the
continuing division & unraveling of America …..
*ABC News – “Super Snow”
feet & counting …
-Power grids hit records …
-Buffalo hit with as much snow in just 3 days as it usually gets in a
year! …
*CNBC – “Rich hoarding cash”
-Government bonds no longer safe …
-Japanese Yen continues collapse …
…. More ominous signs of the coming
worldwide economic meltdown …
November 20
*International Business Times – “New
ISIS video released showing French Jihadists burning passports, calling for
terror in France”
… The Signs of Society’ continuing to
increase! …
*USA Today – “Epic snowstorm on track
to set new records in Buffalo – 8+ feet!”
-141 new records fall in Florida …
*Decoded Science – “Indonesia, New
Zealand and USA show unusually high earthquake activity during week of November
*Breitbart – “Report:  America among least happy countries”
….. How can this be?! … We are, by far,
the wealthiest … we have the most stuff … I guess ‘laying up treasures on
earth’ does not bring happiness after all ….
*Fox News – “America’s Cyber Command
Chief delivers warning:  ‘China can shut
us down’ “
-Stunning 1st-time admission …
….. But the Stock Market is up! … So
why worry? ……. Our focus is still on greed .. what a sad epitaph …
*Fox News – “Amnesty
International:  Syrian refugees now a
‘Mega-Crisis’ – 85% of refugees in Turkey living outside government camps”
-Numbers reach 3.2 Million! …
The highlight this week has to be  the increasing unraveling of the world’s
societies. … Just take a quick glance at the Holy Land … Jerusalem is on
fire and everyone seems to be lining up against Israel, that is when they
aren’t fighting each other … Then the Syrian refugee situation is a classic
tragedy, now being classified as a mega-crisis … 3.2 million souls are
totally displaced, facing torture & starvation! … That whole area is
simply coming apart at the seams as the ‘Sons of Ishmael’ continue their
rampage throughout the land …. The Psalm 83 prophecies are with us …

Here’s some other ‘signs’ … Anti-Semitism
is growing by the day … Terrorism is increasing as recent statistics see a
5-fold jump – 2013 being dramatic … Russia is obviously stirring the pot and
resurrecting the ‘cold war’ status of the recent past – In fact, the Kings of
the North (Russia) and South (China) are growing rapidly militarily while the
West is decreasing – all this will lead to the only ‘apparent’ solution known
to mankind .. the forming of a global government so as to not destroy one
another! … We all know what that leads to ….

And then there’s the good old USA … The
Ferguson situation shows just how fragile the societal fabric has become …
the Immigration issues which are tearing our country apart politically … the
moral decline continues to increase on almost a daily level … false religious
leader, including those who call themselves ‘Christians,’ seem to be coming out
of the woodwork all over the place … the economic situation, regardless of
the ‘spin’ coming out of Washington, is ready to fall through its ‘sandy’ foundation
… sadly, division and hatred seem to have become the norm ….. and the
biggest of all is the pure rejection and ejection of God from our society. …
We who know the scriptures are certain that this can and will only lead to our
national destruction … again, a sad epitaph ….

OK. I’m done preaching … for the moment
anyway … Keep praying, all of you, and reach out with the teachings of Jesus
whenever and wherever you can! … Time is short and we don’t want to leave
anyone behind if at all possible …. HE IS COMING .. AND SOON! …

Until next time,


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