November 21
Fox News – “Russian bombers threaten
-Russia warns against U.S. arms supply to Ukraine …
-Almost 1,000 dead since Ukraine ‘truce’ – UN …
* – “6.9 magnitude
earthquake jolts Indonesia”
*Fox News – “Earthquakes on the
rise:  Scientists warn of larger
… Sounds so biblical …..
*France 24 – “Doomsday Pope warns
man’s greed will destroy world”
-Rails against greedy priests …
*CBS Seattle – “Sex Ed Conference
touts alternatives:  offers students tips
on masturbation, internet porn, role-playing”
Comment from article:  “Controversy is surrounding a sex
education conference in Seaside, Oregon as the event has hosted students as
young as 11 years old.  The conference
gives tips on masturbation, using internet porn and quirky alternatives to
…. What is there to say! … Is anyone
surprised? …
*Yahoo.News – “Bandits in Guinea steal
blood samples infected with Ebola”
-Officials plead for return …
-Virus still raging in West Africa …
*Drudge Report – Ferguson Update
-FBI sends 100 agents to Ferguson ahead of Grand Jury decision …
-Safeguards in place to protect identity of jurors …
-School District cancels classes …
-Holder tells law enforcement to ‘behave’ …
-Hundreds of lawyers descend on town …
-Ferguson protestors erupt, want Officer Wilson ‘dead’ …
-Police families go into hiding …
* – “Snowiest
November:  Michigan breaks century-old
-State of Emergency ongoing in west New York State …
 November 22
*CNBC – “Dutch move 122 tons of Gold
out of U.S.”
…. Do they know something we don’t? …
Not a good sign …
*BBC – “Nuclear Talks:  Iran says ‘no new ideas’ on table”
….. Kerry has met with them some three
times in the last 24 hours trying to come up with some kind of agreement before
the 11/24 deadline. … Most likely, nothing will be resolved and Iran will
continue to ‘build the bomb’ …
*Jerusalem Post – “Israel mulls strike
on Iran”
Comment from article:  “Israeli official cites ‘Sunset Clause’
in proposed comprehensive deal, which guarantees Iran a path into the ‘Nuclear
Club’ and may corner Israel into war.”
…. What we do know? .. Iran will team
with Russia to attack Israel in the very near future (see Ezekiel 38-39)
*The Associated Press – “Strong 6.8
earthquake collapses homes, causes injuries in Japan”
November 23
*Daily Mail – “Five killed and more than
50 people injured including children in stampede after strong 6.3 magnitude
quake strikes China”
*World Net Daily – “Islam,
anti-Semitism sneak into Tennessee textbooks”
-Governor asked to review content that historically leads to violence
against Jews …
Comment from article:  “A group that combats anti-Semitism is
asking the Governor of Tennessee to investigate school textbooks not only
because of instances of anti-Semitism but also hundreds of inaccuracies, biases
and disinformation, including anti-American and anti-Christian content.”
…. No doubt it’s part of the government’s
‘Common Core” education system recently ‘introduced’  …. and because of it, many parents are
pulling their kids out of the public schools to home school them …
*The College Fix – “Prof:  ‘If you don’t support ‘gay’ marriage, drop
Comment from article:  “Marquette University, a Jesuit
institution, is in hot water with both Catholic conservatives and Free Speech
advocates for a Philosophy instructor’s alleged discrimination against a
student for privately disagreeing with ‘gay’ marriage.”
…. Aren’t our colleges a wonderful place
for our young people today? ….
November 24
*Joel Rosenberg – “New whispers of an
Israeli strike against Iran as nuclear deal deadline passes and Tehran
continues to pursue nuclear progress unimpeded”
-Talks extended 7 months – Sanctions lifted …
…. It continues to stun me as to just how
inept and weak our current leadership is …… Israel is ‘on her own!’
*The Jerusalem Post – “Christians
United for Israel Chairman John Hagee says ‘Obama the most anti-Semetic
President in U.S. history’ “
*Reuters – “China economy continues
slide:  Ready to cut rates again on fears
of deflation”
*Yahoo.News – “Hezbollah claims
‘pinpoint’ Iranian missiles added to its arsenal”
*Drudge Report – “Ferguson:  Up in Flames – Violence erupts”
-Obama begs for calm as rioters set fires in Ferguson …
-No indictments …
-Looting, cars vandalized, gunshots …
-State Senator:  ‘This is race
war’ …
-Fox News reporter attacked …
-MSNBC anchor chased off air by gunfire …
-Rioting nationwide after announcement …
-Chicago:  ‘Killer pigs’ must pay
November 25
*Arutz Sheva – “Khamenei:  The West will never bring us to our
-Iran:  ‘Americans have clearly
…. Khamenei’s words sound like Saddam
Hussein’s ‘famous last words’ … but he is right about America … seems we’ve
‘thrown in the proverbial towel’ …
*CP U.S. – “Study:  Half of Americans, majority of white
Evangelicals believe natural disasters are rising due to ‘End Times’ – not
climate change”
… What’s interesting here? … Consider
these stats, then also remember that some 85% of Americans claim to be
‘Christian’ … then why is there no major changes in our society? … Only the
‘Laodicean’ brand of Christianity could produce the results we are witnessing
today ….. Lukewarm & dead! .. (Rev. 3:14-22)
*The Jerusalem Post – “Netanyahu:  Recognition of Israel as a Nation State of
Jews is basis for future peace talks”
-Hamas threatens ‘Holy War’ over Jewish State law …
… Doesn’t appear to be improving any time
soon …
*Joel Rosenberg – “Can ISIS be stopped
before it’s too late? .. Do they have access to chemical weapons? .. With White
House strategy floundering, President fires his Defense Secretary”
*The Washington Examiner – “HHS Chief
Burwell to illegals:  ‘Sign up for
Obamacare’ “
-‘They should seek and try – they can get federal financial assistance’
November 26
*End of The American Dream – “10 Signs
that Russia is preparing to fight (and win) a nuclear war with U.S.”
Comment from article:  “To the Russians, the U.S. is enemy #1
these days and they are feverishly preparing for a military showdown.”
…… With the state of their economy
coupled with America’s economic and military decline, this is all very
possible. .. It would seem that with America ‘out of the way,’ they would
easily be #1 in the world! …. Here’s the 10 signs described in the article:
Spending enormous amounts of money to develop strategic bombers ..     
Nuclear bombers regularly ‘buzzing’ northern Europe, Alaska …
Russian Defense Minister declares patrols will increase to include western
Atlantic & eastern Pacific.
the Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico …
Constructing superior anti-ballistic missile system …
Recent successful test launch of ICBMs from submarines …
Now possess super-silent nuclear attack subs that are virtually undetectable
when submerged …
60% of all Russian nuclear missiles have radar-evading capability …
First time ever, they have more strategic nuclear warheads deployed …
Now a massive advantage over U.S. & NATO concerning tactical nuclear
weapons …
Vladimir Putin has just initiated a huge ‘Weapons Modernization Program,’ while
the U.S. is heading in
the opposite direction …  
….. Could this be the way America is
‘dismantled’ in these last days? .. Without repentance on a massive scale,
America WILL NOT survive for very much longer …..
*Red State – “Atlanta Fire Chief
suspended for publicly professing Christian beliefs”
…… He was suspended for one month,
without pay,  after publishing a book
that says homosexuality and having multiple partners is ‘vile, vulgar, and
inappropriate’ …… How dare he! ….
*Day and Night News – “5.8 quake
strikes China”
*The Clarion Project – “The Islamic
State seeks the Battle of the Apocalypse”
-The Islamic State’s latest video is directly challenging America to the
‘Battle of the Apocalypse,’ which is to take place in Dabiq, Syria …
…… According to Islamic prophecy
teachings, Dabiq is where the ‘Mahdi’ (their version of Jesus) will return and
crush those who oppose Sharia Law …..
*Drudge Report – Ferguson Update
-National Guard reinforcements contain damage …
-Black protester punches white bystander …
-180 arrested in LA protests …
-45 in Boston …
-Lincoln Tunnel blocked in NYC …
-Hundreds protest at U.S. Embassy in London …
-Michael Brown family Church burned – Pastor blames ‘white supremacists’
….. We are watching America unraveling at
the seams …..
*Breitbart – “Ben Carson:  ‘Race relations were better off before
-‘He manipulates minority communities’ … 
….. The real tragedy of racism has
‘reared its ugly head’ once again in America, and both President Obama and
Attorney General Eric Holder have contributed greatly! …. A sad epitaph for
these two men who were given such a tremendous opportunity ……
November 27
*CNS News – “Nearly 1 in 5 households
will celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps”
… But wait! … I thought things were
getting better! …
*ABC News – “Hundreds of Thousands
without power due to east coast storm”
…. The east and mid-west are getting
‘hammered’ early this year – as predicted …
*BBC Australia – “Australia faces
growing budget deficit, says report”
…. Another country facing increasing
budget woes ….
*Tech Times – “Bubonic Plague
spreading through Madagascar”
*CNN – “7.0 quake strikes off
Another ‘fun’ week!  … We are continuing to watch the world’s
economy slide in the wrong direction … Japan, Australia, China, South
America, the EU …. the list keeps growing by the day! …. and how about the
rich hoarding cash, not to mention more & more countries pulling Gold out
of America … ominous signs, indeed!
And as for ‘Wars & Rumors of Wars,
neither does it disappoint … Russia continues to prowl around flexing its
collective muscles, not to mention ISIS, tensions in Israel, the Ukraine, and
on & on ….. We also saw the Iranian nuclear talks fail once again, which
allows them to continue their march toward a nuclear bomb, which leaves Israel
in a very precarious position, since Iran continues to threaten their
total  annihilation … now the talk is
that Israel is considering a pre-emptive strike to stop them … Hmmmmmmmm …
And have you noticed how the big
earthquakes are increasing? .. The norm used to be two 6+ quakes per month, but
not anymore! .. Just this week we saw four in the ‘big’ category, and
scientists are saying it’s only the beginning! .. Of course, the Bible already
told us this would be the case …. and weather records are continuing to fall
by the hour! …. I believe the world is in for a tough winter, with the U.S
especially getting hammered ….
And sadly, we are watching the complete unraveling
of America’s inner core … debt that can NEVER be re-paid, and now rioting and
mayhem in the streets due to the ugly word ‘racism’ … and as has been the
increasing trend of late, God continues to be pushed further & further from
our public square, not to mention Muslims now praying in our houses of  Congress! …. In just my ‘short’ 70+ years
on this earth, I can’t even begin to fathom the changes I’ve witnessed in just
this short span … this ‘blink of an eye’ … and it’s accelerating by the
moment! … It can’t last much longer ….. God’s promise will soon be realized
.. His Son is coming back to rule and ultimately ‘repair this fallen planet!
…… Hallelujah!
See you next week, God willing, and know
that I am praying for each of you …..
Until next time,

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