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December 1, 2014

After much soul searching and prayer, I have
decided to take a pause ….  I feel that I need to take some time to rest
and ‘listen’ to God. … With the amount of time that is required from me to
keep the site current, because of so much taking place all across the prophetic
landscape right now, it requires my full attention to constantly be focusing on
the same types of issues, therefore leaving me with little time for study and
reflection on what God may have for me going forward. …. Simply, the Holy
Spirit could be screaming at me right now and I wouldn’t hear Him! …. It’s
time that I do!

For those of you who have been such loyal and
faithful sharers of this work with me, my heartfelt gratitude leaves me wanting
for words. .. Your prayers and support have carried me through many dark
moments when overwhelmed with the events of these last days. … Also please
remember that I am not going anywhere! .. If you ever want to contact me with
questions or just to share, my e-mail is ..  ..
 and who knows, just maybe God will tell me down the road to bring this
ministry back. … I feel my job right now is to ‘listen’ to what He has for me
next. … Please pray that I will be a good ‘listener’ …..

May our great God richly bless you all ……

Until next time,


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