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March 24, 2015
As a ‘watchman’ of God’s prophetic Word, my
head is absolutely exploding right now! … As I scan the world’s current news
reports, I simply cannot believe how rapidly it is all accelerating! … and of
course, I want to talk about ALL OF IT right now … but, of course, that would
simply be impossible. … Sooooo ..
what I’ve decided to do is take each piece
as it comes and report on it as we go forward … and where to start is obvious
… the rapidly increasing isolation of the State of Israel. …
Zechariah 12:2-3 says this … “I am
going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples
reeling.  Judah will be besieged as well
as Jerusalem.  3) On that day, when ALL
the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an
immovable rock for ALL the nations.  All
who try to move it will injure themselves.” (emphasis mine)
Those of us who follow Bible prophecy know
clearly that it all evolves around Israel and the Jewish people. … There are
many, many verses throughout the Holy Bible that teaches us about this. … We
have in just the last 65+ years seen the Jews regain their land (1948) …
retake control of Jerusalem (1967) and so on … and now we are witnessing the
total isolation of Israel, even as it rapidly increases with each passing day.
We already know that the surrounding Arab
nations hate her, but now we are even seeing the western nations turning their
backs on her. … This headline appeared today in The Times of Israel …
” ‘Don’t isolate Israel,’ urges EU
parliament Israel-relations chair” …. Yes, there are a few voices out
there trying to bring the nations back to their collective senses, but less
& less with each passing moment. …
But the most obvious ‘desertion’ is
America, the one considered true and staunch ally Israel could always count on.
… Of course, as ‘watchmen,’ we knew this would have to happen as Zechariah’s
prophecy tells us …”all nations” … but it is simply amazing just
how fast this is now taking place! … Just take a quick look at last week’s
Israeli election. … It is documented that our current leaders did everything
in their power to upend the current PM Netanyahu, and it looked like they had
succeeded when perusing all the pre-election polls … in fact, they were
supporting the candidate that wanted to split Jerusalem, go back to the 1967
borders, etc, virtually weakening Israel to the point of it’s destruction. …
But then we witnessed Netanyahu’s stunning victory, a victory that many didn’t
expect , and ultimately will lead to the increasing isolation of the Jewish
state. .. and although those of us who support Israel are breathing a sigh of
relief for obvious reasons, the U.S’ current administration is NOT happy. …
Let’s just take a quick look at a few of today’s headlines …
*Times of Israel – “Obama left PM with impression U.S. will abandon
Israel at UN”
*Arutz Sheva – “Diplomat: ‘Obama seeking revenge’ on
*Yahoo News – “White House warns Netanyayu that ‘Occupation Must
End’ “
*Drudge Report – “U.S. accuses Israel of spying”
There’s more, but you get the picture. …
Let me now quote a few leading Christian
authors and leaders concerning this Israel ‘thing’
*Carl Gallups – “World events continue to unfold – all centered
around Israel and its right to exist and defend itself – just as the Bible
foretold thousands of years ago.”
*Joel Richardson – “In the days ahead, as we draw closer to the
fulfillment of the covenant promises of God to the sons of Israel, the rage of
Satan and the nations will only increase. 
What we are seeing now with ISIS & Iran is nothing compared to where
it will go.”
Mark Biltz – “I believe God was in total control of the elections
regardless of the outcome.  God was
putting in control the one He wanted at the helm of Israel for the perilous
times they are entering.”
*Laurie Cardoza-Moore (Special Envoy for Middle Eastern Affairs to the
World Council of Independent Christian Churches) – “What is happening
right now, what is unfolding, is bigger than any world leader is able to
understand.  All the strategies of man will
not work against the nation of Israel. 
Obama puts all these millions of dollars to use the same kind of
campaign that got him elected to try and unseat PM Netanyahu.  It didn’t work .. and he will pay a
America’s desertion of Israel is apparent,
beyond a doubt. … So what does that mean for America, as well as the rest of
the world? … Franklin Graham summed it up quite well when he said this …
“When nations reject Biblical law, the end is near.” (Newsmax – 3/24)
… And he is absolutely right! … Besides the Zechariah prophecies, there are
many. many more alluding to this fact. … In my next commentary, I will
specifically address what I believe to be America’s role in these end times,
and what her outcome will be.
In the meantime, the ‘Birth Pains”
spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:8 are here! … I truly believe we are in the
final moments of the Church Age and spiraling toward the climax of this world
as we have come to know it. … My prayer for each of you is that you at least
consider what is taking place all around you, and then realize that it is time
to put your ‘spiritual house’ in order. …
…. And just remember this … when one
comes to know Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, there is nothing in this
world that can overcome you … that you can go forward in these perilous times
with absolutely NO FEAR! …Just remember that God is always in control! …
Until next time,

March 16, 2015
If you seem to recognize the title of this
commentary, it just so happens to be one of the song titles on “Casting
Crown’s” new CD … “Thrive” …. I don’t know what it is with
song lyrics lately, but they seem to be ‘pushing my buttons’ in many different
ways. … What I’m about to share with you was triggered by this song’s message
.. a message that I believe may be the key missing piece of the puzzle in many
of America’s churches today ….. to the point …
Anybody with even half a brain can see that
America is in serious trouble. .. There are many reasons causing this to
happen, but the one I want to focus on right now is the condition of our
country’s Christians …  In earlier
times people were, for the most part, good with the basic teachings of the
entire Bible. .. Yes, some of it is difficult to conform to in our
‘independent’ way of life  .. but ..
that’s just how it was. …  In today’s
culture, with the rampage of increased knowledge and our busy lives constantly
causing us to run ‘to & fro,’ not all of it seems to work anymore. (see
Daniel 12:4) .. Simply, the basic mentality now is that if we are evolving, why
shouldn’t the Word of God?
Let’s for a moment explore just a few of
these emerging evangelical Christian ‘styles’ …
*The ‘Couch Potato’ Christian … These are ones who call themselves
Christians and occasionally attend church, but NEVER share their faith, or even
let anyone know that they are a ‘Christian’ …. they are the ‘lukewarm, going
through the motions’ crowd …
*The ‘Cafeteria Christian’ – These are the folks who search to find a
church whose teachings fall well into their current lifestyles .. one that does
not in any way conflict with how they choose to live … one that leaves out
certain parts of scripture because it conflicts with today’s culture as well as
their own personal beliefs …
There are many more, but the sake of time
and our attention spans, I’ll cut to the last one …
*The ‘Literal, Convictional 
Christian’ – These are the ones who do their absolute best to hold to
the teachings of ALL the Bible, and also refuse to be silent about it, regardless
of the consequences … (People like me) …
OK, so now moving into the collective
gatherings of all these different slants, what do we find? …  To start, not much is going to change the
‘couch potato’ short of true conversion (a conversation for another time). …
So now we are down to two basic camps … the ‘hip and trendy’ emergent church,
or the traditional, ‘old fashioned’ church  
…. This, of course, isn’t true in all cases, but, for the most part,
it is. ….
So now, a quick overview … the hip &
trendy church is loaded with all the newest savvy technology & primarily
secular music, the hip & cool leaders, latte shops, foyers filled with
‘booths of booty’ for sale …. you name it, they got it. … These are also
the gatherings who ignore the controversial subjects raging in today’s society
.. subjects like homosexuality, freedom of choice, the reality of hell, etc ..
and because of all this, we see the younger generations flocking to these
‘places of entertainment,’ attempting to fill their spiritual poverty with anything
that can ‘secure’ their eternal destiny. … But here’s the sad truth …. all
this feel-good, get rich, selling-out doctrine is one of the primary reasons
for our national moral decay, and is only guaranteeing a certain one-way ticket
to hell! … (sounds awfully judgmental, Red)
Now let’s journey to the other end of the
spectrum … the ‘traditional church’ … the ones that are doing their best to
stay true to the original gospel and overall teachings of the entire Bible.
…  While this is what needs to be done,
these church gatherings have become labeled as ‘intolerant &
uncompassionate,’ not having any love for those who fall outside their basic
biblical model. … Sadly, in many ways these traditional churches are guilty
of many of these perceptions. … They have become extremely judgmental,
unloving, inward, and entirely unwilling to ‘adjust’ to many of the ways of
today’s society. … As a result, most all young people are fleeing this
environment in search of something more fitted to their perceived world. 
OK …. So here’s the point. … There has
to be a ‘middle ground’ for this vast and gaping chasm in today’s American
church … and here it is! … Let’s go back to the title of this piece …
“Love You With the Truth” … I am not for one minute suggesting we
should EVER alter the Gospel to be considered relevant, but also we cannot
become so judgmental as to pushing away the ones who need to hear the words of
truth the most! … Didn’t Jesus go to the sinners because He knew they were
the ones who needed Him the most? …
Bottom line? … We need to be relevant in
today’s society … we need to ‘adapt’ to the ways of society without ‘selling
out’ … We need to show love in order to appear ‘accepting’ to the wayward
ones … We need to love them all with the truth …. Jesus said in Matthew
5:14 that “we are the light of the world’ … We can only show this if we
display outward love, not if we become inward & ‘closed-off’ to the rest of
the world …. We can take the truth from both worlds and win more souls for our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! … Hallelujah !!!!!!
Until next time,

March 9, 2015
Yesterday at church, a young lady was
baptized. … As in every case, this was a glorious experience for all present.
… It is always such a blessing to see someone’s life being transformed, and
this was no exception. … Hallelujah!
After the service, her husband approached
me and asked about a song we had sung some 2-3 weeks back. .. He said it had
quite an impact on her and would love to have the lyrics. … When I asked her
what song it was, she said it was called “The Answer” …. It just so
happens to be a song I wrote … Let me next share the lyrics and then a brief
story as to what inspired them ……    
                                        -The Answer –
Eyes Looking out from darkness – lonely and afraid
Searching for hope and safety – but sensing fear instead
Wondering what will free them – in the days to come
From the fear of desperation – emptiness for some
Reaching to the heavens – Empty and alone
Searching for an answer – of something that’s unknown
Hope seems only fleeting – when faced with despair
Grasping for some meaning – but finding nothing there
Now they’re running to and fro – everywhere
many seem to have the answer – here and there
They’re looking to the wisdom – of this age
But answers only seem to lie – on a different page
But there is hope – there is love
Just beyond – the edges of their gaze
There is peace – there’s an answer
This is the beginning – of a better day
Jesus is the answer – He’s the only way
Around the turn of the century .. the 9/11
era .. I was hearing the Lord calling me back to Him. .. It was a time of major
change in my life … I was heavily involved in the ‘dark’ world of corporate
America, and I just knew it was time to flee. … Not too far into this
transition, these words, which are now the song of note, came to me …
The words tell of a lonely and dark world
filled with greed, hopelessness and despair … this ‘world’ was searching for
peace and hope in all the wrong places! …
I know, because I was a part of it ……
Amos 8:11-12 show a perfect example …
“Behold, the days are coming, says the
Lord God, that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a
thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.  12) They shall wander from sea to sea, and
from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord,
but shall not find it.” …… because they are looking in all the wrong
places ….. 
But the words in this song close with a
message of hope — the only answer to the searching for those who are
staggering through this darkness of today’s world … I daily thank my Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ for revealing it to me! … Hallelujah!
Many people today are in darkness …
lonely and afraid. … They search for answers but only sense fear &
anxiety. … and why? .. because they sense that something of great significance
is upon them! …. and, trust me when I say this … It Is!
Is this you? .. Is this someone you know?
… Just know this! … There is hope.. there is love … and it’s just beyond
the edges of their gaze! …
I honestly don’t know if, or how much these
words affected this young lady who came forward to give her testimony for
Christ, but i do know this, we witnessed a life transformed! …. The family of
God now has a brand new sister in our midst! … Hallelujah! ….. Search and
share while there is still time … Jesus Christ IS ‘The Answer’ to a new and
joyful life!
Until next time,


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