Well here we are in the middle of September, the month which is chock full of prophetic speculation … the close of the Shemitah Year .. the conclusion of the Four Blood Moon cycle ..

Jewish holidays … you name it, this month has got it! … But so far, we appear to be unscathed concerning all the cataclysmic events that were to befall us …… so far …..

But besides all this stuff, something else is also dominating my ‘watchman’ mind right now, and that is the apparent and rapidly increasing demise of the world’s western democratic societies

… the ones that are supposedly based upon Christian values.

Of course, the massive migrant issues taking place in Europe as well as here in America right now certainly puts one’s focus on it, but there are also a lot more issues occurring that most of the world is either not paying attention to, or ignoring it out of sheer fear & frustration. … Either way, it’s real and will soon change the landscape of this planet as we have come to know it. …

Of course, the two main players of which I’m referring to are the European Union and the United States. …. For a moment, I want to touch on just some of what is taking place. … I will start with Europe ….. To put it bluntly, it is a mess! .. Recent headlines have been dominated by economic brinksmanship, impassioned public protests, all-night emergency meetings trying to prevent Greece from going bankrupt and leaving the EU, which many feel would throw the Union into the abyss. …. The bottom line, at least to most observers, is that the European Union is dying – slowly, painfully and publicly. … The hope of European countries forming a united, stable, democratic, geopolitically viable entity is vanishing. … Now add the migration issues with the huge economic concerns .. it won’t be long. ….

And what about America. … Allow me to make a comparison that really puts it into perspective.

… I don’t know how many of you have looked at the particulars of the Roman Empire’s rise and fall. but I must tell you, the similarities are striking! … Let me just share some of them ….. open, porous borders .. loss of a common language .. became a welfare state .. class warfare .. taxes

.. outsourcing .. increasing massive debt .. self-promoting & corrupt politicians .. violent entertainment .. exposure of unwanted infants .. immorality .. military cuts .. terrorist attacks ……

There’s more, but this will give you a clear picture ….

So what does this all mean concerning the Bible’s prophetic warnings you ask? … Here’s my take. …. We all know that the prognosticators of the Shemitah Year in relation to financial upheaval are predicting a complete collapse of the economic infrastructure. .. Maybe they are right, because we are not ‘out of the woods’ yet. … But even if it doesn’t occur this month, anyone who follows this stuff knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that some sort of worldwide financial upheaval IS going to take place .. and soon. … And in its aftermath, the world will begin to see the birth of a ‘renewed’ rising power in Europe, and a completely new ’empire’ will form, which will ultimately evolve into the revived Roman Empire! … It will also have a leader who will have the charisma & leadership skills, which will ultimately lead to the support of most world leaders. .. Hence, a world government will emerge and the hope of peace and prosperity will prevail …. temporarily. (A study of the Book of Daniel will be most helpful for those wanting more specific details) …..

Again, as for the timing of all these things, we are not sure, but because of the worldwide landscape as it relates to Bible prophecy, I’m certain that time is very short. … We ARE going to see massive changes in this old world in just a matter of the days, weeks & months ahead. …

Anyway, it’s crazy out there! … And with that comes many emotions such as fear, fascination, anxiety, and even numbness to it all. … But please remember what I said last week, as well as many times before …. When it comes to how we should live as Christians, let us live our lives as if the Trumpet will blow at any time, but prepare ourselves to also live out our allotted time if the Lord does decide to tarry. …. And once again, NEVER forget that either way, if we stay strong in our faith in Him, we are assured of an eternity of hope, happiness, perfect health, & joy! …

If at any time fear does set in, read & learn this verse … “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27) …. And finally, this quote from Brother Lawrence … ‘If the ship of our soul is still tossed by winds and storms, let us awake our Lord, who reposes in it, and He will quickly calm the sea.’

Jesus is ALWAYS there for us! … All we have to do is ask … Hallelujah!

Until next time,


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