It is real? .. or .. is it fiction? … Is this just another conspiracy theory? ..  or not? …  I guess each of us will have to come to our own conclusions concerning this one. .. I’ve mostly ignored this ‘Planet X’  thing since its recent re-emergence in the media, but then I stumbled upon an Israeli website that has some very fascinating information about it … and now … I think I just may have to take a ‘new’ look at the whole thing. …… The following is a brief overview of what I found ……

In 1972, some 40+ years ago, NASA announced the existence of a new planet far from earth – beyond Pluto, which at that time was still considered the 9th planet. .. They named it ‘Planet X.’ .. It was then published in science magazines as well as the general world media outlets at that time. …… But then, after a very brief interval, all information pertaining to this galactic discovery disappeared. .. All studies & theories suddenly vanished. .. Some ‘insiders’ at that time were quoted as saying that it had become ‘top secret’ & not for public consumption. .. As time went by, new leaked information pretty much proved that the world’s governments had ‘ordered’ all concerned to be silent regarding this new planet. .. Also, it was discovered that NASA had released ‘misleading’ information about the whole thing. .. Simply, all knowledge of this phenomenon was being controlled by just ‘a few’ ….. (The plot thickens) …

And another very interesting tidbit … About 30 years ago, The Vatican, with its vast access to endless funds, partnered with NASA to build a huge and very sophisticated telescope with the specific purpose of tracking this ‘non-existent’ space object. .. And you’ll never guess what they named it …. ‘Lucifer’ .. (I’m not kidding)! … And again, not surprisingly, this was all kept from the world’s masses. .. In fact, in conjunction with the original ‘ordered’ secrecy, they leaked more & more information refuting its existence .. that it was a myth .. a conspiracy theory. …

But now, the secret can be kept no longer! .. Why? .. Because more & more people are now ‘seeing’ this ‘Planet X’ with their own eyes as it draws nearer to earth. .. As a result of this, NASA had no choice but to acknowledge its existence. .. They did so on January 16th of this year. .. In their brief statement, they stated the existence of a 9th planet (Pluto since being unrecognized) that has a mass 5 times larger than earth’s, with 7 moons circling it, plus a trail of asteroids & meteors, and that it’s current orbit will  draw it closer & closer to earth with each passing day. ..

So now, why all the secrecy before this revelation? .. Information being obtained now by various credible sources tell us that when this ‘Planet X’ passes earth at its closest point in the coming days, its impact will wreak catastrophic consequences on Mother Earth … earthquakes .. tsunamis .. volcanic eruptions .. extreme weather .. & because of all the meteors trailing this thing, the earth’s land masses will suffer devastating impacts from them. .. Now considering all these possibilities, going public would cause worldwide panic, the results of which would be an economic meltdown with a complete shut-down of society as we have come to know it!

Now, let’s again go back to those 30+ years ago .. when the world’s leaders .. the elite .. ordered the the secrecy of this information. .. This is when they began preparations for the possibility of this coming future catastrophic event. .. They have since built 1000s of underground bunkers & supplied them with enough food & medical supplies to last for what they deem to be enough time to survive the devastation to come. .. As for the general population .. well .. there’s just too many, so ……

So now, does any of this make sense to us? .. Let’s look at just a few things we do know. .. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that when this ‘Planet X’ gets the closest to us, it will cause various geological disruptions. .. OK .. So we also now know that with each passing day, it IS drawing closer & closer and we are seeing more & more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, & record-breaking weather events.  .. Secular scientists have admitted that they have increased almost 10-fold in the past decade, and that they are all increasing in size & strength. … Also, there seems to be more & more ‘meteorite’ sightings across the world as of late. .. So is this being brought on by this approaching space object? ..

I think it’s time to turn to the one source that I can totally trust .. and that’s the Holy Bible. .. What does it say concerning the ‘end of days?’ .. It does tell us that some two-thirds of the world’s people will be destroyed (Isaiah, chapters 24 & 34, Zechariah 13, Revelation, chapter 6 – the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) .. Also Jesus Himself prophesied of the increasing cataclysmic events just before His return (see Matthew 24 (birth pains), Mark 13 & Luke 21) .. In fact, in Luke 21:25, He said for us to watch for “signs in the sun, moon and stars.” … Another point .. Does God use nature as a tool for His purposes? .. Two quick examples are the flood in Noah’s time & the utter destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah with fire from heaven. .. And one more .. Daniel was told to “go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.’ (12:9) .. In a very similar way, this ‘Planet X’ thing as been pretty much sealed up until just now … There’s more, but you get the idea ….

Enough of this! .. But one has to admit that this is all very fascinating when looked upon with this new information. .. What is also interesting is that with all the forthcoming facts, there has been no exact timeline as to when this thing will get to its closest point to earth. .. In other words, they claim to  not know the ‘time or the hour’ … sounds so biblical! …

Anyway, whatever happens, we know as ‘watchmen’ of God’s prophetic teachings that we are, in fact in the final moments of this age .. that our Lord’s triumphant return is but just moments away! .. Hallelujah! .. Whether it be ‘Planet X’ or by other means, we know that times will become worse & worse as we draw nearer, and that we need to be prepared to stand strong in this, our assigned times here on earth. .. Here’s the one thing I CAN promise you .. that if your faith in Jesus Christ is strong, you WILL NOT FEAR & will be victorious when all this ‘earthly dust’ settles. .. Hallelujah! ..

Know that I love each of you & am praying fervently for your spiritual strength in these increasingly difficult days .. and God knows exactly who you are. … Just remember, you are never alone when you are a part of the family of God. .. Hallelujah! …….

Until next time,


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  • This is somewhat un-nerving. But with my recent diagnosis, I may or may not be around to see it anyhow. God only knows.

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