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“They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” .. 2 Timothy 4:4 (NIV) …

Frankly, i am completely baffled by the Biblical Stupidity (hence, the title) we are witnessing by many of the Christian leaders & prognosticators across the land since the election of Donald trump to the presidency. .. Many are now expressing the view that Bible prophecy has been ‘put on hold’ & everything is now going to be wonderful & blissful going forward. .. America is now going to rise again to its former greatness & make the world all better! .. The Christian nationalist are rejoicing in their new leader! .. Even certain segments of the secular world are seeing what they perceive as a renewed hope that all is now well. .. Currently, the stock market is setting new all-time records .. the holiday retail market is seeing a surge in retail sales. .. Confidence in the American ‘way of life’ is clawing its way back. ..

While hope is most always a good thing, I believe it is totally misplaced in this case. .. What we are witnessing is a hope being placed once again on the ways of man instead of the ways of God! .. I know I sound negative concerning all this, but let me say it as plainly as I can .. America, or the world for that matter, will never get better until we put our faith & trust in God’s ways, and not man’s ways. ..

Have we now forgotten what the election process was like … backbiting, slanderous rhetoric, backstabbing, dishonesty …… It reminded me of what Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 where he said that in these final days of this age, people would be proud, abusive, lustful, slanderous, unholy, without self-control … it looks like the election script was modeled after this passage! …… But now it all just goes away? .. All is forgotten? .. Don’t bet on it! …… Going forward, I believe that Trump’s presidency will be the most divisive & contested in history. .. The land was seriously divided before his election, but now the division has evolved into hatred & divisiveness never before seen in modern history in this land. .. Statements of assassination, secession from the union, and the like are rampant… What we are witnessing is a rapidly increasing moral decline, renewed racism, uncontrolled spending, an increasingly divisive spirit, accelerating civil disorder .. you name it! .. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we must admit that the election process represented every bit of this, and more. ..

As for the ‘biblical stupidity’ part, again, I’m baffled by what many in the Christian community are now saying .. that now there’s a renewed hope that the world will be all better and the prophetic time clock has been put on hold for a time. .. How ridiculous & absurd! .. What Bible are they reading?! .. The only thing I can attribute this worldly misguided position to is selective reading – choosing only the parts of the Bible that feels right for today’s world. ..

For those of us who have studied and observed the prophetic progression of late, it is without a doubt the times of the final days of this age. .. The world is prophesied to continue its descent into social & moral chaos as we move ever closer! .. There is no pause! .. God’s time clock is still ticking and NOTHING is going to change that …. not even America’s recent election. ..

I know that to many of you, I sound hopeless & negative in my thoughts .. and yes, from the worldly eye, I am. .. But let me tell you, I’ve witnessed the world through the lens of War & Corporate America¬† .. & what I witnessed was the true ways of mankind when they perceive they are in control. .. Trust me when I say, it is all Satan’s playhouse! ..

What we must always try to remember is that God allows all things to happen because it serves HIS purpose – but God is ALWAYS in control. .. We are all placed, and then given the opportunity to witness all the ways of the world, & then choose which path we are to take. .. Trusting in the ways of man will ALWAYS lead to destruction … choosing the ways of Jesus Christ will ALWAYS lead to peace, trust, and confidence in the knowledge that when it is all over, all things WILL be renewed with love & eternal security .. a place where sickness, death, fear, & mayhem will be gone FOREVER! .. Hallelujah! …

Yes, going forward we are going to witness an increasing amount of worldly chaos & division. .. But if we are attentive to the truth, we don’t have to listen too hard to hear the distant hoofbeats if we are attuned to the issues & events of our time in a biblical prophetic way. .. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse outlined in Revelation, chapter 6 are mounted. .. No, the world can’t yet see them when looking across the terrain littered with the hills & valleys of everyday life. .. but the spiritual ear can hear them rumbling beyond the immediacy of these quickly waning days of the age. …

Stay confident & strong in your faith in Jesus Christ, and only Him, & you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams when this short & chaotic period comes to its conclusion. .. Know that I am praying for your strength & peace in these times, & God knows exactly who you are. …

Until next time,


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