“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.” .. Romans 1:18 ……

I will start off with this news story from just a few days ago (Fox News – April 10). .. The headline reads … “Signs of Society: Son dead, father wounded after shootout over who is going to walk the dog” .. Here’s a brief excerpt from it … “How did we get here? How did we get to the point where ‘I hate my blood family enough to take his life?’ It makes no sense.” .. Here’s a couple more comments: ” There is so much pain in Chicago’s troubled neighborhoods that even the most trivial interactions can explode. .. There is no love in these communities. .. A lot of people have mental health issues. .. A lot of people are walking around in a lot of pain.” ..

How tragic! .. And this is just a microcosm of a much bigger picture that includes a rapidly growing number of folks in most all walks of life. .. Of course, these signs are not only in the inner cities of America, but across the entire globe! .. Hopelessness is fast becoming the order of the day concerning mankind in general. ..

I know I’ve been ranting much about this sort of thing in recent commentaries. .. In fact, just one month ago today I offered my thoughts on “America’s Descent into Hell.” .. This opening news story is a perfect example of this! .. The least little thing is setting off tragic reactions all over this nation! .. A sense of hopelessness is becoming the ‘normal way of life.’ ..

Certainly we can point to many ‘human’ reasons for all this sadness & hopelessness, but again, in the final analysis, this is simply spiritual. .. Here’s proof. .. Just looking at America, the further we push God out of our society. the worse it gets! .. Every day we are seeing the continuing removal of all things relating to the God of the Bible. .. Here’s just one example: Christian clubs once were allowed in the public schools, but now are being removed & replaced by other organizational clubs including ‘inclusiveness, diversity,’ & even Satanism! .. More & more articles are being posted daily across the news outlets about how the Church in America is fading & we are now living in the ‘post-Christian’ era. (meaning ‘after’ Christianity). .. Sadly, according to most statistics, this is proving to be true. .. And now we are seeing the results en masse!

One of the main ‘buzz phrases’ of America’s search for the abundant way of life has always been ‘the pursuit of happiness’ .. ‘The American Dream.’ .. Sounds good. .. Why not? .. Why can’t we be happy? .. On the surface, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t argue with this. .. But then, I got to thinking about the basic premise of this nation’s recipe for happiness. .. What do most folks think of when they think of happiness? .. I think it is simply this .. happiness is a lifelong pursuit – making & spending money, collecting things, searching for new experiences. .. In fact, the whole ‘happiness’ thing comes down to mostly experiences & material things. ….. But then what happens? .. The toys rust, loved ones die, health deteriorates, money is stolen .. the party is over. .. And sadly, the happiness then fades away & despair sets in. .. Proverbs 14:12 says it perfectly .. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”

So then, is that all there is? .. If not happiness, what? .. In the minds of most, that is ALL there is! .. But wait! There IS something else. .. Let me share with you the alternative …. JOY! .. On the surface they seem to mean the same thing, but nothing could be further from the truth! .. Here’s why. .. Joy is a much deeper emotion, the result of which is a quiet, confident assurance of God’s love which then evolves into a sense of security which is unsurpassed by any other means. .. In other words, ‘happiness’ depends primarily upon ‘happenings & stuff,’ while joy depends fully & totally upon your spiritual well-being, your relationship with Jesus Christ. .. As some of you already know, I’ve experienced them both. .. Measuring purely by human standards, I’ve achieved considerable success in both the music & corporate settings, and have fled them both because of the sheer & selfish emptiness they ultimately offered. .. Since discovering the meaning of a true & sincere relationship with Jesus Christ, I can tell you that there is absolutely NO comparison! .. The ‘immediate high’ has been replaces with a lasting confidence & hope of an ‘eternal’ happiness & joy. .. Hallelujah! … And now my hope & desire is that all of you can find what I have .. a true ‘sense of security.’ ..

I will once more share these lyrics to a song I wrote just a few years back about all this. .. I named it “The Answer” .. Why? .. Because it is ….


“Eyes looking out from darkness – lonely & afraid ..

searching for hope & safety – but sensing fear instead ..

Wondering what will free them – in the days to come ..

from the fear of desperation – emptiness for some ..

“Reaching to the heavens – empty & alone ..

searching for an answer – of something that’s unknown ..

Hope seems only fleeting – when faced with despair ..

Grasping for an answer – but finding nothing there ..

“Now they’re running to & fro – everywhere ..

so many seem to have the answer – here & there ..

They’re looking to the wisdom – of this age ..

But answers always to to lie – on a different page ..

“But there is hope – there is love ..

just beyond – the edges of their gaze ..

There is peace – there’s an answer

this is the beginning – of a better day ..

Jesus is the answer – He’s the only way ……


“I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.” .. John 16:20 … Hallelujah! ….

Simply, you don’t have to feel hopeless & lonely any longer! .. There is an answer .. and only one …


Until next time,


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