Prophetic signs are exploding all across the globe! .. Right now, for those few of us who ‘know,’ it is simply amazing to witness it all! .. I so wish more people out there could even begin to understand as to what is about to befall this beleaguered planet! .. Every biblical prophetic sign points to God’s soon-coming ‘Grande Finale.’ .. Going forward, I intend to briefly cover each & every one of these end-time signs. .. To start, I want to focus on these three … World Government, World Church, & Societal Meltdown. .. Here we Go!

Revelation 13:1 says this …. “And I saw a beast coming out of the sea.  He had ten horns and seven heads, with 10 crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.” .. In short, this describes the soon-coming antichrist & his world government. .. (The rest of chapter 13 as well as nearly the entire book of Daniel goes into detail as to how this will all unfold in the last days. .. For a detailed teaching, go to the teaching tab on this website & look specifically at Daniel’s chapters 2, 7, 8, 9 & 11). ..

Briefly, in Daniel 2 we read how the prophet revealed King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream to him. .. In it, Daniel describes four coming kingdoms .. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and the Roman Empire, the last to be revived in the final days leading up to our Lord’s return, which will be The Revived Roman Empire. .. Needless to say, everything Daniel foretold came true ‘to the letter’ with the last one taking shape as we speak! .. (Note: The Book of Daniel is simply an amazing book & should be studied by every Christian in the world today! .. It is the Old Testament’s ‘Book of Revelation’) …

So what are we witnessing? .. The ‘reviving’ of the Roman Empire right before our eyes! .. Geographically, the original Roman Empire encompassed much of the known world in its day, of which was most all of Europe. .. So it goes without saying that this is geographically where it will be revived. .. And it is happening right now!

Let me prove this to you with just a few recent news stories …

*May 14 -Yahoo – “Macron Takes Charge of Divided France as Youngest-Ever President – Vows to Fortify EU”

*May 16 – BBC – “France’s Macron calls for ‘Historic Reconstruction’ of Europe”

Wow! .. Wow! .. & Wow! … Macron came out of nowhere (just like Obama) to win France’s presidency, and on his first day in office, with Germany’s PM Merkel by his side, called for a new European Union! .. Again, wow! .. And then Merkel added that the pair have a ‘joint conviction’ that they needed to ‘deepen the European Union’. .. Again, wow! .. Keep in mind that these are the two most powerful states in the current European Union. ..

Then this headline followed the next day …

*May 17 – News 24 – “Merkel, Macron:  The New Power Couple to Reshape the EU” …

Two things to point out here – we know for a fact that the European Union as it now stands will reform into a ten-nation entity (the 10 horns described in Daniel as well as the opening vs. of Revelation 13:1. ..

Also, this new & unexpected young President of France is one to watch very carefully. .. It will be this type of leader that will come upon the scene unexpectedly & will evolve into a worldwide power broker, and eventually take over the soon-coming world government. .. Now I’m not saying that he is ‘the one’, but he certainly fills the bill so far. .. Again, he’s young & handsome, has said all the right things, and is very charismatic – to the point that most all current world leaders seem to be drawn to him. .. All I’m saying is to keep your eyes open to all possibilities. ..

In addition to this, there is no question that more & more world leaders are preaching the ‘Globalist’ agenda. .. In fact, China’s President Xi came out on May 15th to say that he ‘champions globalization!’ .. And get this! .. The ‘Silicon Valley’ leaders are now most all coming out in favor of this globalist agenda. .. Here’s just two recent headlines to support this ….

*May 23 – Breitbart – “FaceBook Founder Mark Zuckerberg:  “We need a ‘global superstructure’ to advance humanity.” …… Now why is this so important? .. If we have an IQ as high as the current room temperature, we know that these are the people that control both the money & the information. .. Look around .. most people nowadays are staring constantly at the devices these people build & then format them with what information they what us to hear & see! …… And then Zuckerberg said this ……

*May 26 – CNN – “Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley Bigwigs in Calling for Government to Give Everybody Free Money” … Why do you think he would say something like this? .. One word ..  CONTROL!

There is so much more, but this brief will at least give us a glimpse of what is soon to be reality. … This globalist/world government entity will soon be ‘the way of life’ here on Earth. .. Yeah, there are a few entities that will come against this mentality, Donald Trump being one of them, but sadly, for America anyway, his ‘populist’ views will not prevail in the long run. .. America is so divided & God, for all intents & purposes, has been kicked out, so there is NO WAY she can survive on her current path. .. Ultimately, a world government will come to pass, which will make a peace treaty with Israel, which will kick off the 7-year final tribulation period. .. And then .. finally .. the Trumpet will blow putting an end to this human debacle. .. Hallelujah! ..

OK .. I know this leaves a few holes in the whole story, but at least it will give you some sense as to what, & then where to watch. .. As always, my greatest desire is to wake people up to the fact that all this IS REAL! .. It IS going to HAPPEN! … There is NO time left for complacency. .. The time is NOW! ……

Until next time,


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