A few days ago, there was a post on Facebook that mentioned a song that was recorded back in the 70s called “Redeye Blues” .. a song written about how someone had stolen a stash of drugs. .. The person posting it wasn’t sure I would be too happy about it because I was in the group that recorded it. .. In fact, I was the lead singer on the song. .. To the contrary, I answered the post by saying that I wasn’t at all bothered by it, simply because it told a true story about a moment in time in my life .. a moment I now want to share in a bit more detail. ..

We all know that the 1960s were a time of great revival in the music scene in America, & I found myself smack-dab in the middle of it. .. After getting out of the military in 1964, I stayed in Southern California & started playing in nightclubs. .. In early 1966, I was asked to join a group called the Sunshine Company. .. The group was filled with amazingly gifted people & was soon signed by Imperial Records. .. Four months later, we had our first hit record. .. Over the next three years we had several more national & regional hits & toured almost non-stop .. over 300 nights in 1968 alone & rarely in the same city two days in a row! .. Needless to say, it was a grueling existence plus I wanted to go in a different direction, so I left the group that year. ..

1969 saw me working big rock clubs, mostly in Orange County. .. It had its moments but I got to stay in one place for a bit ..  that didn’t last long. .. In early 1970, I helped form a group called “Redeye” & within a very short time, signed a recording contract with Pentagram Records, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. .. Again, success wasn’t far behind. .. We released a song called “Games” that went top-10 nationally. .. And again, ‘the road’ became a reality. .. We toured the nation non-stop with a few breaks in between. .. During those breaks, we would record more music. .. That’s when the song “Redeye Blues” came about. .. It was, in fact, written about a ‘drug stash for the road’ being stolen. .. “Redeye Blues” became a quick success as our follow-up single & shot to # 39 on the Billboard Charts in just four weeks! .. But then, the FCC banned the song because it talked about drugs ( a bit ahead of its time in those days). .. In early 1973, I decided I was done with this life. .. I’d met my ‘soul-mate’ in 1969 who stood by me all through these crazy times. .. She had two beautiful young daughters & I had a son, so in May of that year, I quit it all, pulled up stakes & came ‘back’ to Oregon, never looking back. ..

As this brief overview shows, I spent a good part of 8 years living in that world. .. I witnessed up close what it was really like ‘back stage.’ .. All the legends we hear & read about, of which many are still ‘worshipped’ .. Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendricks, Jim Morrison, Eric Clapton .. the list goes on .. I met & played on the same venue with most everyone of these people! .. Let me tell you you flat out that not one would qualify as an object of worship. .. In fact, it was an incredibly dark world filled with drugs & depression! .. Simply, it was the darkest part of my life. .. And just look at the outcome of several of their lives .. Jimmy Hendricks .. Janis Joplin .. Jim Morrison .. all dead from drug overdoses! .. And they are still idolized by many as heroes of their time! .. The truth is that most everyone I worked with in those days have left this life. ..

Since fleeing the world of rock & roll, drugs & alcohol ( I am a recovered alcoholic, dry since Jan. 4, 1973), my life has gone from dark to light. .. After coming to Oregon, my wife & I soon moved to Colton, Oregon & started attending a small community Church there. .. The pastor, Dick Lindsey, was a prophecy ‘nut-job’ & soon became my mentor. .. Needless to say, I was very skeptical in the beginning, but soon became convinced that there really was something to this Bible ‘thing.’ .. To sum up. I am now fully committed to Jesus Christ as His servant. .. Also through years of study, I’ve become a ‘watchman’ of God’s prophetic Word. .. Hence, this website & its content. ..

To sum up, I’ve lived in the dark world & experienced it up close & personal. .. As I see so many today still attempting to glamorize or hail this period of time in our history as good & important, I say without hesitation that the opposite is true. .. It was a period of great moral & spiritual destruction for this nation & world. .. Simply, from an ‘up close & personal’ view, it was, & is one of the darkest of times! .. I’m also sad as to whatever microcosm of negativity I may have contributed. …

OK .. that’s it for now. .. There is no way I can tell the whole story in such a short version, but I pray that you can glean at least some of which I’m attempting to share. .. The simple truth is that since I’ve chosen ‘the light’ over the darkness, that being my total faith & commitment to Jesus Christ, I cannot begin to tell you the difference there is between these two ‘worlds!’ .. My hope & prayer is that as many as possible will have the opportunity to ‘see’ the truth before it is too late. .. That which draws people to this world of glamour & glitz is none other that Satan himself! .. And the end result will be death brought on by drugs & despair. .. Don’t believe me? .. Just look at its history! .. and then look at where we are today!

Love you all & am praying that you will find joy, peace, and happiness in the days to come. .. Yes, the world will continue to spiral out of control as Bible prophecy tells us, but just remember & say this in those dark times .. “I am the child of a King who is not moved by the world.  For my God is with me and goes before me.  I do not fear because I am His.” .. Hallelujah! …

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