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What we are currently observing on the stage of world politics is simply amazing! .. A ‘never-before’ phenomenon is taking place right before our very eyes! .. In just a very short span of time, we have now witnessed three virtually unheard-of candidates rise to the very top of their nations’ political ladders. .. The first of course was Barack Obama in the 2008 U.S. presidential election (truth is, we still really don’t know this man’s history.) .. And then this year, we have seen two more rise out of the masses – Emmanuel Macron in France & Sebastian Kurz in Austria. .. And then of course there’s  Donald Trump, who won this last U.S. election, which was also quite an unexpected shock. ……. But …… is it really? .. The bottom line is that in all these recent elections, we have witnessed people from all sides of the political aisle – globalists, nationalists, socialists – all the human ‘ists’ that in the end won’t matter one iota one way  or the other. ……

Over the past several decades, we have heard more & more prominent world leaders speak of a one-world entity. .. Here’s just a couple quotes …. “Unless some effective world super-government can be brought quickly into action, the proposals for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful.” (Winston Churchill-1950) .. “We must work for the establishment of a world authority sustained by moral and physical force.” (Edward Teller-early 1960s) .. “The problem with the world is that it is void of leadership.  The world is completely devoid of a major political figurehead.” (David Buik, English commentator) .. And finally, “We await a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people; the one who will lift us out of the economic morass in which we are sinking.  Send us such a man and, be he god or the devil, we will receive him.” (Archbishop Cranmer-2011). .. Wow!

There is no question that the international political conversation is centering more & more on a one-world governing power. .. A perfect example of this is what took place at the United Nations in September of 2015 when they introduced this .. “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” .. I read through most of this ‘novel’ & it simply comes down to a plan for the ‘transition to global government.’ .. The following are just some of the highlights of this ‘agenda’ ..

*Population redistribution according to resources ..

*Equitable distribution of resources by government control ..

*Zoning & planning controlling land use ..

*Public land ownership controlling urban & rural land ..

*Population Control – massive abortions, limited birth rates, forced sterilization, eugenics ..

*Mega-cities with mixed-use, high rise, stack & pack miniature apts, etc ..

*Redraw neighborhoods to make them more diverse as dictated by HUD ..

*Plans to manipulate human population in rural areas ..

*Complete education curriculum control .. (Sounds just like today’s headlines concerning our schools) ..

*No borders, no sovereignty ..

*No national language & culture ..

*No Christian faith ..

And these are just some of the items on this overall agenda .. (have any of you seen the movie series ‘Diversion?’) …… No question it’s getting crazy out there! …

OK .. So here’s what we DO know for sure ..  the world’s political scene WILL soon evolve into a globalist/one-world government. .. Bible prophecy is very specific on this subject. ..  Revelation 13:1-2 clearly indicates that this government will be given great, but short-lived power by the Dragon – Satan himself. .. Then in the same chapter, verses 3-8, it describes the leader who will emerge on the world scene, out of nowhere, to take control of this end-time confederacy. … In addition, Daniel 7:7-8 also describes the coming Beast with 10 horns & its leader. .. The 10 horns are a depiction of a 10-nation or regional confederacy which will represent the primary body of this world government. ..

Now this is where these recently unknown politicians’ elections gets interesting to me … First, most Bible prophecy ‘watchmen’ believe that this 10-nation end-time confederacy will be none other the currently evolving European Union which will manifest into the Revived Roman Empire. .. Now, just for contemplation’s sake, take a look at just where these last two virtual unknowns have come to power .. Macron in France & Kurz in Austria .. dead-center in the middle of the EU! .. Now I’m not saying that either of these two are this coming world leader,  but isn’t it fascinating!? … Hmmm ……

Like the rest of the world, America 2017 has really gotten strange, & more & more difficult for those of us of faith in Jesus Christ. .. The spirit of lawlessness has suddenly decided to manifest itself in very real & tangible ways. .. The complete American ideology, which once was a reasonable human setting for people of faith has all but vanished. .. Sadly, going forward, we will see a rapid rise in our persecution as we are seen as the ‘opposition of hate’ in  the public square. ..

Like the prophets of old, the cry of God’s remnant cries out to God for a healing of this land. .. But all we continue to witness is our God being increasingly cast out of our public square, our courts, our schools, our society. .,. Blatant sin continues its rampant onslaught in the perversion of our laws & flaunt its wicked behavior. .. Even our mainstream media is rife with pornography & blatant immoral behavior. .. And tragically, many of our so-called ‘church’ leaders have fallen into the ways of the world succumbing to the false gods of this day! .. They are mocking our God’s very written Word & divinity! …

The truth? .. Satan has unleashed a violent army of demonic principalities, all in a massive effort to destroy the faith of God’s elect .. the remnant. .. Indeed, what we are witnessing is an all-out battle against faith that claims Jesus as the Christ & Son of God! .. May God have mercy on there souls! ……

I am empty … all I can now do is close with this .. “Lord, I pray that more & more lost souls will hear your cry in these final closing days …. before it’s too late …………………….

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