“Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door.” .. Matthew 24:33 …

Blood Moons! .. Eclipses! .. Increasing earthquakes & volcanoes ..  .. Unprecedented worldwide wildfires! .. Record-breaking apocalyptic global weather events! .. Societal unrest! .. Accelerating immorality! .. Economic warning signs! …… With all the craziness going on around the globe right now, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is exactly what Jesus was referring to in the opening verse. .. It is all coming to a dramatic & climatic close! .. He IS coming soon! …

But then of course, along come the nut-jobs that set dates & predictions without any scriptural support. .. And what does this create? .. Fear in some, & scoffing & doubt from others. .. Simply, it is hurtful to the true teachings of the prophetic Word of God because it gives the skeptics more & more ammunition to continue their attack on its credibility. .. Sadly, because it is prophesied, this will only continue until He does come. .. Deception will abound in these last days. …

Last week, in my commentary “Is This It?”, I promised to share with you the true & valid scripturally supported biblical signs that will take place, which ultimately prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes, these are the final days! .. Upon perusing my stacks of notes, I soon realized that this would be impossible to do in just a few commentaries, let alone one. .. After some thought, I’ve decided to present it like I did back in 2015 at which time I released a 6-part series called “Living on Borrowed Time.” .. This way, I can share with each of you a brief categorized overview as to what the Bible says concerning the end-time prophesies. .. This way, I avoid presenting you with a book of which no one has time for as we are too busy “running to & fro” in these final days. ..

The following are the six categories I will be sharing with you over these next few days & weeks ……

*The Signs of Society ..

*The Signs of World Politics ..

*The Signs of Nature/Pestilence ..

*Spiritual Signs ..

*The Signs of Technology ..

*Israel/God’s Time Clock .. 

There is no question we are living in an increasingly fearful & turbulent time, & the Bible tells us it will only continue to increase as we draw ever closer to the return of Jesus Christ. .. But I can promise you this .. that if you take the time to learn the Bible’s prophetic overview of these times we are living in, you will ultimately find a peace you”ve never experienced before in your lifetime! .. Yes, the world will continue to spin out of control & most will be oblivious as to the reasons why, but you won’t because you will understand why! .. The craziness is only going to be temporary! .. Hallelujah! …

God is real, & so, too, is His spoken Word. .. Just take the time & prove it for yourself. .. You will be amazed & totally blessed by it. ..

” … but let us encourage one another – and all the more as you see the day approaching.” .. Hebrews 10:25 ……

Until next time,


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