About Red Mark

When I first realized I had to do a personal profile for this site, I was not too excited. I'm not much interested in talking about myself and after contemplating this situation, it seemed only befitting to tell you why I decided to do this project.

Having said that, I truly believe that God has given me insight into many of His mysteries as well as clarity on what has become confused and manipulated doctrine concerning Jesus' teachings and how they apply to today's church. So here is a brief detail of that journey.
9/11/2001 was certainly a defining moment in our country's history, as well as the impact it had on each of our lives. Mine, however, turned out much different than I would have ever imagined.
At that particular time I was basically a "regular" American of sorts -- a bit right of center and somewhat hawkish. Certainly the reaction of most all around me, Christian and non-Christian, was that of anger and rage with the conclusion that revenge and retaliation were the order of the day -- Except -- something seemed out of place. Some very unsettling feelings came over me. Something didn't seem right about these "foregone conclusions." Confusion enveloped me and it proved NOT to be temporary.
What took place next was the beginning of a very difficult, but life-changing journey that continues to this day. Upon realizing that something was wrong with the predictable human retaliatory reaction, I knew I needed to search my heart and soul for the answers. I needed to start over!
I didn't know at that time or even how if that was even possible. Let's face it, we all are shaped by past experiences such as our families, churches, military, where we live, and so on. Simply stated, we become what we are around. How then can we just discard all of these life-shaping influences?
I decided that I needed to study Jesus and His teachings. And I needed to study it in only one place -- the Bible!
I've been a Christian since I was eleven years old and in the early 70's became fascinated with Bible prophecy. I spent hundreds of hours studying this subject and even evolved into a prophecy teacher of sorts. But never had I studied the life of Christ and His teachings in depth. What ensued for approximately three years following my 9/11 experience was what I now call my "Red Letter" study. And I can't even begin to tell you how amazed I was at what I had missed (or really never knew) about our glorious Lord and Savior.
To put it bluntly, I was about 180 degrees out of sync with His gospel. I realized that I, along with the great majority of other Christians, had been misled and, in some extreme cases, deceived by many of our church leaders. To the point, what Jesus intended and what the first century Christians practiced has been tragically misplaced in our country and churches today. We have strayed from the beautiful simplicity of His teachings!
Hence, we come to this site. What I hope to accomplish is to show the simple truth of our Lord's message and how it applies to our current world conditions. I do believe that Jesus is real, and is returning most imminently for His church. I also believe that Bible prophecy helps us understand what is going on around us today. Truth is, the more we understand what God says, the less we have to fear.
God has shown me many truths these past 10+ years. I pray that you will benefit from them and that they will only help to strengthen your walk with Jesus.
May God richly bless you,