Remember the prophecy I recently shared with you given by a small-town Kentucky pastor? .. Well so far it has come true to the letter! .. So, without further ado, it’s time to share with you its conclusion (so far) .. (First posted July 9th & re-visited on August 23rd) .. In a brief review, his first dream took place back in December 0f 2019 where he saw a 2020 calendar with its pages flipping from month to month .. It started in January, then February & March, where it stopped, was tapped 3 times with a finger & underlined .. Then it proceeded to April & May, & then stopped on June, again where it was tapped 3 times & underlined  .. Of course we now know that these two months were clearly specific as to the rapid decline of America’s societal conditions ..

Then the next dream occurred in June where again it was the calendar of 2020 flipping through the months .. It started where it had previously left off .. July & August appeared, & then September, where again it stopped & the finger tapped it three times & underlined it. .. Needless to say, this current month we are stumbling through right now certainly deserves to be tapped as it is adding dramatically to the societal upheaval this nation is currently witnessing .. demonstrations/riots turning more deadly & more numerous, stock market disruptions, pestilence in the form of record wildfires , drought & tropical storms, deepening social division due to the rapidly approaching election, & on .. & then just yesterday, the Breonna Taylor decision in Louisville, Kentucky has blown another ‘lid off of our society’! .. Obviously, the prophecy continues to prove itself to be most accurate ..

OK .. So now we move on to the next series of events, including the 3rd dream, where the calendar continues to flip its pages, but this time, not very far .. it  shows October & then November, where again it stops, but this time the finger doesn’t tap it, but a fist appears & smashes it! .. What ensued is total chaos in the form of banks’ roofs being blown off with cash floating in the air, chaos in the streets which are now filled with military troops, & much more! .. In short, the end result appears to be near or total destruction of this nation’s life as we’ve come to know it! ..

So now we look to just a few short weeks to this time period, & what are we seeing? .. It would appear to be progressing toward the exact conclusion as prophesied in his dream! .. I mean the political division is unprecedented, with the now open Supreme Court position only compounding it .. Also, as we see clearly in news headlines all over the internet, either way the election turns out, there will be ensuing chaos! .. If Trump wins, the ‘left’ promises to ‘burn the system to the ground’! .. Here’s just a couple quick headlines to confirm this .. “Soros-backed coalition preparing for post election-day chaos – ‘We’re going to fight like hell’ “ .. Also, under the guise of a ‘Constitutional Crisis’, a mass network of well-funded left-wing activists & progressive groups are training, organizing, & planning to mobilize MILLIONS of Americans should Trump contest the electoral results, refuse to concede, or claim an early victory .. Continuing, coalitions ‘Indivisible’  & ‘Stand Up America’, two very left-wing organizations, were both founded in 2016 after Trump’s 1st victory, & are also funded as part of the Soros-backed ‘Democracy Alliance’, all of which are conjoined with ‘’  .. In all, there are 50 partners in 32 states preparing for this coming insurrection …. Then, If Biden wins, every speck of ‘inside’ information confirms a catastrophic, unrecoverable stock market, financial crash! .. In addition, left-wing politicians like Ocasio-Cortez & even VP candidate Kamala Harris are saying that the election victory alone will not be enough, but that the protests & disruption MUST continue until the current system as we know it no longer exists! .. With just this tiny glimpse of the growing political & social landscape, I would say that this pastor’s prophecy will conclude as given to him .. Chaos & disruption of our way of life appears a sure thing in the coming days  ..

To sum up, the conclusion to this ‘watchman’ is quite obvious .. The prophesied ‘birth pains’ are entering their final stages & the ‘Trumpet of the Lord’ will be sounding at any moment! .. How long the Lord tarries, with or without America, only God knows, but as He teaches, He doesn’t want anyone left behind & will wait until they ‘wake up’ .. & then? .. Hallelujah! ..

What each of us must do in the time we have left is to first, get our own ‘houses in order, & then  

tell those whom you love – family, friends, neighbors, whoever & wherever the opportunity arises that JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON! .. & if you lose a popularity contest because of it, oh well .. What have you got to lose? .. & those you don’t tell have EVERYTHING to lose! ..

Love you all & will be praying for each of you, & God knows exactly who you are .. Also, don’t forget our ‘end-time prophecy class’ begins on Tuesday, October 6th, 7 PM at CalvaryMac (Calvary Chapel – 2nd street) in McMinnville .. Maybe some unanswered questions can be addressed for you at that time .. Blessing, and ……………….

Until next time,