This week’s news forecast includes another hurricane, Halloween 2020 with a full Blue Moon, record wildfires in several states, apocalyptic weather events across the nation … & a time change! .. Not too bad considering it is 2020 ..

Regardless of where one stands in this world, all must admit that the times are truly spinning out of control .. Here in America alone, we are seeing cities & businesses burned & destroyed, with little or no consequences, a so-called pandemic slowly destroying the nation’s basic economy, rampant drug & alcohol use & suicide .. a nation filled with anxiety & trepidation as to what is coming next! .. For those without faith, it must be truly horrifying! ..

Are these the predicted last days the Bible talks about? .. Without question! .. And the more people begin to understand, & then ‘see’ it, the less fearful all this worldwide chaos becomes .. Today I want to share with you just some of the ‘pure proof’ of the truth of what the Bible tells us concerning these tumultuous times we are witnessing .. This ‘proof’ will show you, without a doubt, that yes, we ARE living in the final days of this age!  …. Also please remember that these prophesied events were foretold some 2000-2500 years ago! .. Here goes …

*Scoffers (2 Peter 3) .. Many are saying that ‘where is this coming you people talk about? .. Every generation in past times has said the same thing!’ .. While this may be true, the few familiar with prophecy knew that certain things MUST take place before the final event .. Those ‘certain events’ didn’t happen, until now! .. (as you will see) .. In the past, like today, most all, including Christians, haven’t a clue as to the end-time prophesies ..

*Wars & Rumors (Matthew 24:6-7) .. Every day we hear of threats of war, but here’s the ones prophesied in scripture that are on the doorstep of fulfillment:

        -Psalm 83 .. These involve the Arab inhabitants surrounding Israel today .. They are even now attacking Israel on their northern & southern borders .. There will be an all-out war involving them all & it’s imminent ..

        -Ezekiel 38-39 .. The Gog-Magog War is setting up as we speak! .. This war involves Russia, Iran & Turkey .. Never before in history have these nations been allies, until now! .. And right now they are gathering in Syria, Israel’s eastern border .. The Bible tells us that they will be divinely defeated .. This also is coming soon, & will also include the Isaiah 17:1 & Jeremiah 49:23-27 prophesies forecasting the total destruction of Damascus ..

   *Massive Earthquakes increasing in frequency & intensity .. Even secular students of geology & and earth science cannot deny that quakes of the magnitude of 6 or greater have more than quadrupled in these past two decades!

   *Increase in Wickedness (Genesis 6:5 & Luke 17:26-29) .. NO ONE can even begin to deny that this isn’t taking place! .. The Luke passage describes the Days of Noah where it got so bad that God flooded the earth but saved Noah & family .. Genesis mentions The Days of Lot, where fire & brimstone poured out upon the earth .. The same is Promised in these coming days ..

   *Increase in Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12) .. Again, any questions?! .. This particular scripture is HUGE in the prophetic scheme of things to come .. First it talks about last-day deception .. Ya think?! .. Deceivers are rampant in today’s world .. But then the Word goes on to say that before the ‘end’ takes place, the ‘man of lawlessness’ will be revealed (anti-Christ) .. But before that happens, the ‘Restrainer’ (Holy Spirit) will be ‘taken out of the way’ .. & who represents & is Indwelled by the Sprit? .. The CHURCH! .. This is but just one glimpse of the proof of the imminent Rapture of the Church! .. Then the world leader will take over & the 7-year Tribulation period kicks off .. It will be ‘fun times’ for those who are left behind ( which is WHY we MUST witness at every opportunity!) ..

   *The Forming of the One-World Government, Economy & Religion (Revelation 17-18 & Revelation 13:11-18) .. This is happening RIGHT NOW right before or eyes! ..Simply put, the globalists have been planning the complete takeover of the world’s national governments, & we are watching the final phase coming true before our very eyes! .. & it’s happening at warp speed! .. In brief, there was a rehearsal of the current pandemic last year in October when Bill Gates & company ran it thru the hoops …. So what about this Covid-19 dilemma? .. It is simply a ‘genius’ tool to destroy the world’s economies & shut people in to break their spirits, not to mention covering up our identities with face masks! .. & it’s working! Drug use, suicides, depression, & on are skyrocketing across the globe! .. The end result will no doubt be a desperate desire for anything, or anyone, to have the ‘answers’ .. Guess who? .. In addition to this is the economy .. As it continues to disintegrate, these world elites are developing a worldwide digital universal basic income so as to appease the masses .. In addition, mandatory vaccines along universal ‘tracking’ systems will be in effect in order to control ALL buying & selling, as Revelation 13 tells us .. Even ‘social scoring’ already in use in China will be a part of this total control …. In conclusion of this point, the ‘Great Reset’ is scheduled to enter its ‘final stages’ in 2021 .. In their minds, 2020 was a smashing success for the completion of their plan! .. (As for the coming world religion, I will soon follow up with this in a separate commentary)

In conclusion of this brief prophetic synopsis, this will be the final sequence of the prophesied end-time events .. 1) The Rapture .. 2) Anti-Christ revealed .. 3) 7-year Tribulation .. Most of the remaining prophesied will then take place in that 7-year period, with the final result being the victorious return of our Lord & Savior with His church! .. Hallelujah! ..

Finally, with the Rapture being the next event, or close to it, we MUST ALL witness to anyone & everyone we can while there is still a few moments left .. As a ‘Watchman’ of God’s prophetic Word for over 40 years, NEVER have I seen it all come together like it is RIGHT NOW! ..

Know that I will be praying for you, & God knows exactly who you are .. Please also pray for me as we all will face the enemy’s wrath for serving Jesus .. Thank you …. So ….

Until next time,