Isn’t the current election season so much fun? .. Loving attitudes, unity, all things nice … Yeah, right! .. It is truly unbelievable how far this nation has fallen is such a short time, including the political landscape .. There is no longer much discussion on the issues, but more on pure hatred towards the opposition .. The following is an example of just what I’m talking about here .. It was sent to me from a pastor friend .. It is an e-mail from one of his congregants ........ (permission was given) ..

“Can’t play politics?  Then be the socialist who you say you are & if you voted for Bernie.  Follow his example, make your views indispensable to the DNC and win this damned election!  Get off your ass & see the mess we’re in & don’t throw away this chance!  Vote democratic & hound President Biden for the next four years to make your views actually count for something!  Don’t let Wall Street run our country any worse than they already have. .. Don’t let those Fascist bastards stomp you any further into oblivion.  Win, dammit!  Vote!”

Sadly, this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about here .. This sums up the political landscape to a tee! … And it seems everyone I talk to is mostly very vehement about just how they feel about all of it .. It will most likely be a part of the epitaph of this nation in the throes of its final self destruction ..

OK, so what should I do? .. What part should I play in all of this ongoing political turmoil? …. As I now try to do in all decisions concerning how & what I should do in all things, I go to scripture for direction .. Having said that, the following is the only explanation that makes any sense to me concerning politics as a whole ..

I will start with a story I recently came across concerning a pastor facing this same political climate .. His name is Pastor Boyd & leads a megachurch .. It seems that every Sunday he would see more & more political booths lining the walls leading to the sanctuary .. Since the beginning of this trend, it bothered him, but of late it was totally getting out of hand .. So, after much prayer & soul searching, he decided that it had become totally out of hand, plus a conviction that it just wasn’t what the Church should be about .. So, the following Sunday, he told his congregation that it was to cease & desist! .. He went on to say (in general) that this was not the mission of the church to be promoting certain political views, abortion, or anything else .. He stated that the mission of the church was to promote the name of Jesus & nothing else! .. In short, in the following weeks, he lost 1000+ in attendance, but stuck to his beliefs .. The result is that now the church has nearly doubled! .. Seems he ‘listened’ & his ministry is being rewarded ..

Today, there are many Christians who are bent on changing society through government programs, lobbying activities, civil disobedience, & pressure groups .. After much searching, I find NOWHERE in scripture that says this is the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ! .. The mission of the Church is witnessing to the lost souls about the redemption provided by the Lord Jesus Christ .. This mission is being replaced by those who believe the Kingdom of God can be established here & now by our human activities! .. Jesus warned that in the last days before His return, there would be a church that would brag about its growing strength & self-importance ..

Today, there are many undiscerning Christians who are looking for the Kingdom of God on earth – a kingdom where justice will reign & nations will exist in peaceful co-existence .. This arrogant church covets POLITICAL POWER, & not the power of God! .. The revival we have been waiting for seems slow in coming, so many believe we Christians should ‘take over’ the reigns of government & legislate righteousness!

We need to ask ourselves this question …. Would the history of nearly 2000 years of the Church of Jesus Christ have been changed if the martyrs during the era of the Roman Caesars had overthrown these cruel rulers? .. What would have happened in Babylon if Daniel had led a revolt & taken over the government of Nebuchadnezzar? .. Would John have received & written the Revelation of Jesus Christ in a fancy office in Laodicea rather than the cold, desolate Isle of Patmos? .. Are today’s Christians convinced that placard-carrying, slogan-baring demonstrators can replace soul winners? .. Yes, there is a better world coming, but NOT until those left on Earth experience a time of evil more fierce than this planet has ever seen!

I am grateful to have been born here in America, & will continue to pray for its leaders, regardless of political affiliation .. But I must admit I am extremely bothered by what I’ve witnessed in our generation to draw the church away from its central task, the witness for Jesus Christ, & Him only!

Richard Halvorson, the former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate said,  “The more I listen to evangelicals talk, the LESS I hear about the hope of Christ’s coming again & the more I hear about making the USA a Christian nation, a prosperous nation.  Sometimes I think if Christ would come back, it would be a TERRIBLE INTERRUPTION of their plans.”

John 15:18-19 says this,  “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.  That is why the world hates you.”

One more brief example of our Christian position is when the apostles John & Peter were called before the Sanhedrin, the ruling Jewish leaders of there time .. When questioned regarding governmental issues, their answers were straight-forward & simple, that we will behave, & pay our taxes as well as follow your laws, just as long as they DO NOT conflict our God’s laws .. Pretty straight-forward I would say .. So why, & where does it say we should be any different? .. It doesn’t ……

In closing, don’t let this current political mess ruin your life! .. Our ONLY requirement is to believe, & then trust in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! .. He IS coming back imminently & will solve this human dilemma ONCE & FOR ALL! ………. Hallelujah! ……

Until next time,