Have you heard of this? .. If not, you soon will as it is hitting certain news outlets with increasing frequency by the moment .. So what is it & what does it mean? .. It is nothing other than the set-up for the fast-approaching World Government .. or .. The New World Order (NWO) .. In the not to distant past, this coming event was a closely kept secret, but no longer! .. World leaders & organizations are meeting & talking openly about it with rapidly increasing frequency .. Going forward, I will try & share a brief overview of what I have found so far .. It isn’t easy to be brief because it involves so much & so many .. Here goes ……

Definition – The following statement is said to be the driving force behind it ..   --The UN’s statement for a Globalist Agenda--  “The task before the UN is the emergence of a single world culture by transferring full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization.  The New World Order will be a socialist, authoritarian global government & court with a ‘global rule of law’ & a ‘one-world economy’ “ …. This according to the Commission for Global Governance …. Wow! ..

Talk about right out of the Bible! .. This is simply the ‘moving forward’ of the 2015 UN’s ‘Agenda 2030 .. that the world’s governmental systems will no longer be anything like it is today, but a complete one entity, one rule global overlord of us all! .. Again, wow! ..

So who are the organizations & individuals directly involved in this? .. Here’s just a few examples ..

 *The UN, Bretton Woods Org., EU, World Bank, IMF (Intl. Monetary Fund), WTO (World Trade Org), ICC (Intl. Criminal Court), WEF (World Economic Forum), G-7, G-20, Bilderbergs, Bill Gates, CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), Chatham House, Rothschilds, George Soros, & many more world billionaires & foundations .. All are part of the overall UN Agendas 21 & 30 .. You will also hear the terms ‘Deep State’ or ‘The Beast’ ..

The following are just some of the meeting dates, statements & whatever else I could dig up ..

 *2010 – The Rockefeller Report – “The Lockstep Scenario”

*2015 – In September of 2015, the UN established the overall ‘Agenda 2030’, or a new world order format within 15 years ..

*2017 – WEF’s Schwab said, “The world must act jointly & swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies & economies, from education to social contracts & working conditions” ..

 *2015 – Pope Francis called for globalists to wrest control from local governments.  Individual nations cannot put their concerns above the global common good, & climate change is the major catalyst.” ..

*2020 – Emmanuel Macron – “We must now prepare for a New World Order for globalization” .. (Keeping an eye on this guy – more later) ..

Continuing, there has been an underlying belief that some sort of international catastrophy was needed to kick all this globalist agenda into motion .. Well guess what, here came the Corona Virus Pandemic! .. Here’s some facts that shines some light on this event ..

*2017 – Fauci predicted this event! ..

*2019 – On October 18th, Event 201 took place & basically foreshadowed the Covid-19 outbreak with TOTAL specificity! .. How would they know this so accurately? .. Was it a planned rehearsal? … Hmmmm .. This event was hosted by Bill Gates & the WEF .. (I’m shocked! .. but not really) ..

*2020 – UN Sec. General said, “This current human tragedy must be a wake-up call to build a more equal, inclusive, & sustainable economies & societies in face of pandemics, climate change, & everything else.” ……

Enough for now, & then this .. Here’s some of the ‘planned’ tools, etc., these organizations & individuals will employ to advance their agenda ..




   -Submission (due to fear & deception)

   -Lawlessness/societal violence

   -General global chaos which will ultimately lead for calls for a global leader/government

There’s more, but you get the idea .. Here’s what the WEF Director stated just recently .. “The return to normal after the Corona Virus? .. No. .. A ‘re-ordering of societies’ is needed to save it from climate changes, etc.”

To sum this up, the next known upcoming meeting of these collective globalists is scheduled for January of 2021 which will be in Davos, & hosted by the WEF (World Economic Forum) .. It will certainly include discussion on currency control systems, climate control (The Green New Deal) & more issues aligned with a complete socialist/Marxist type of rule ..

And finally, what about America? .. Simply put, this nation in its current political format will not work in the globalist overview .. Capitalism/populism is totally contrary to the ultimate goal of the globalists .. Hence, America MUST be diminished, or eliminated from the overall societal landscape .. & this is exactly why we are witnessing the unrest & civil upheaval in our streets right now! .. These anarchists are being paid, & tragically, many of the politicians that support this general socialist agenda are allowing it in our cities & states .. If you think it’s bad now? .. Just wait! .. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet! ..

OK .. It’s getting long, & I will talk more later about America in (or not) Bible prophecy .. Simply stated, we are absolutely in the final moments of this Church age & the Rapture of the Church .. Thankfully, God is not going to allow this societal nonsense to last much longer .. Just be sure your house is in order, plus be sure & reach out to those that NEED TO HEAR THE REAL TRUTH! ..

Love you all & know that I am praying for you, & God knows exactly who you are .. Also remember that our end-time prophecy classes start next Tuesday, October 6th at CalvaryMac in McMinnville, 7 PM .. Yes, we will be talking about all this stuff, plus we will be ‘coming together’ as the remnant to love & pray for each other .. It’s a win-win because our Great Lord Jesus will be in the center of it all! .. Hallelujah! ……. So ……

Until next time,